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As the Stomach Churns

So yeah, we've got some kind of stomach "thing" going on at our house... Talk about a soap opera. Curly went to school yesterday and they were taking graduation pictures. She'd just had her individual shot taken when she lost her breakfast THREE TIMES and was running a temp. I don't know how seriously her… Continue reading As the Stomach Churns

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Little Girls Should Have Big Imaginations

I am thrilled to welcome, Alyssa Avant, of Beauty by Design Ministries to The Cafe today, and excited to share this article, from her, with you. Little girls love to play dress up, dream of being grown up and create tea parties for their teddy bears, or are these activities lost in the new age… Continue reading Little Girls Should Have Big Imaginations

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WHAT IS UP? Wednesday *Updated*

So in a nutshell, life - as if often does - has taken several unexpected turns in the past 24 hours. Sewer backed up into the basement. No need to elaborate - thankfully my father in law was able to get someone here ASAP - we just need to finish cleaning up. Curly is sick.… Continue reading WHAT IS UP? Wednesday *Updated*

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The Zombie Queendom

Is it breaking some sort of Blogging Code of Ethics to copy & paste the same personal blog article on 3 different sites? If so, please feel free to press charges and have me locked up - I could use a good night's rest... So my girls have pretty well taken me through some very… Continue reading The Zombie Queendom


No Rest for the Weary

So, to catch up - Droolah is handling her breathing treatments well, and is starting to get used to the machine & noise associated with it. She did sleep for 6 hours straight before that, which is an improvement. She was up too early this morning with a long coughing fit, but the coughing seems… Continue reading No Rest for the Weary

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The Unexpected…

So, Wednesday throughout the day, Curly seemed to be getting worse. Her cold was starting to slow her down and by the time I got her & Droolah picked up and settled in at home, we knew things were getting iffy. She wasn't as active as normal and she put herself to bed at 8:00.… Continue reading The Unexpected…