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Prayer And Business: Ideal Partners

Alyssa Avant, of Beauty By Design Ministries, has been a guest blogger here on occasion. She and I have had several opportunities to connect through a variety of social networks like Twitter, A Woman Inspired Conference, and other places. I always enjoy my conversations with her, and we are developing a really sweet online friendship.… Continue reading Prayer And Business: Ideal Partners

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Tea-riffic Thursday!

So have you been enjoying your iced tea this summer? I'll admit I'm hung up on Iced Mochas right now - but I can only drink so many of them before I get sick. Not to mention the calories consumed... Iced Tea is the perfect solution! Just because National Iced Tea Month is over, doesn't… Continue reading Tea-riffic Thursday!

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National Iced Tea Month!

Okay, yes, "national" month themes are overdone - but this is one I personally enjoy so I'm going to write about it. =) Growing up - and I've mentioned this before - we almost always had iced tea in our refrigerator. Sometimes Kool-aid - RARELY any pop or soda of any kind. We drank water,… Continue reading National Iced Tea Month!

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Monday Munchies

I am really finding a lot of great recipes from Allrecipes. I found my Amish Friendship Sourdough Starter there, and several recipes to use it in. I've made this recipe twice in the past four days: Sourdough Scones. I am a big fan of scones. As a matter of fact, the girls & I often… Continue reading Monday Munchies