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Time to Buckle Down

So these 2 counseling classes I'm taking this summer are requiring serious chunks of study time. I am NOT complaining - I learn so much from each of the hour long DVD lectures - and reading 10 or so chapters a week - and am really grateful to be learning so much about Marriage &… Continue reading Time to Buckle Down

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Freezin’ Our Tails Off

Oh company girls, please let me fix a cup of coffee for you this morning! And I think I still have some Cream Cheese Coffee Cake to share with you, too. So pull up a chair and bundle up - cuz Baby, It's Cold Outside! Indeed, winter HAS arrived in my neck of the woods.… Continue reading Freezin’ Our Tails Off

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The Plans of Mice and Moms…

I should never make any declarations here about how I will have something posted by a specific date! You'd think I would learn this - but I can be slow sometimes... Nap Strikes continue. Late nights and early morning wakings have been added. Mommy's lack of sleep - combined with two tired girls and and… Continue reading The Plans of Mice and Moms…

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Weekend Summation

When Curly vomited in the playroom Saturday morning, I thought it was just a minor hiccup in a very busy weekend full of exams & deadlines. I was wrong. She only got sick once, but didn't feel well for awhile. About the time she started feeling better, Georgie started feeling sick. And stayed sick longer.… Continue reading Weekend Summation