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Super Glue Dilemma

So yeah.  last week, Curly broke her glasses.  This is the 4th pair broken in the exact same way in her number of pairs of glasses over the years.  She can't see without them so not having them is really not an option. Typically, I have been able to "modify" them until we can get… Continue reading Super Glue Dilemma

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Off to the Races…

Today I'm spending several hours with my mom "Queen Martha" - helping her edit and prepare her NEW COOKBOOK which should be published this year. AWESOME! She's been blogging over at The Better Baker for a few months - and I can remember when she first got started how hesitant she was about having enough… Continue reading Off to the Races…

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Little Curly Bear

I don't know why, but Curly just loves to watch Little Bear on nickJr. It's a funny little show - and Little Bear is the main character. He has several animal friends and lives with his parents and sister. The stories usually involve lessons in manners and kindness and friendship, etc. I like it. There… Continue reading Little Curly Bear

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CBC: Danielle Asks Why I Started Blogging

Danielle, of Danielle's Journey, has answered my questions in our Cross Blog Conversation about her internship experience and how she got started with Sweepstakes & Giveaways. It does sound like a really fun hobby! So now she's asked me a couple of questions: How long have you been blogging? As a stay-at-home (busy) mom how… Continue reading CBC: Danielle Asks Why I Started Blogging

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A Full Cup – Company Girl Coffee Time!

Happy Friday everyone - enjoy your Company Girl Coffee time today! This week just flew right on by, didn't it? School's starting up in our area - Curly's starts next week - and my own classes start up on Monday! Can I just say - again - how much I love Home Sanctuary? I am… Continue reading A Full Cup – Company Girl Coffee Time!

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Wisdom of a 4-year old

So being a Mommy Blogger, much of the content of my blog stems - on some level - from just being a mom. My experiences, my feelings, my struggles, my victories - I process many of these things here - and because of it am learning to explore and embrace Motherhood in a way I… Continue reading Wisdom of a 4-year old

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Curly’s Birthday Month

August is Curly's birthday month. She is turning 4 years old! It's hard to believe that my little Sunflower has grown so much - but she has! Do you know the amazing and cool things an almost-4 year old can do? Swing. Yes, that's right folks, Curly can pump and swing herself now. And not… Continue reading Curly’s Birthday Month