Do you celebrate Advent?

I didn’t grow up celebrating Advent. It was not something I was really even familiar with. As an adult, though, I’ve visited more churches who incorporate Advent into their holiday worship, and I’m becoming more familiar with the celebration during the Christmas season. Advent is the four week period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is celebrated by Christians of all denominations. The ultimate goal of Advent is to prepare our hearts for a time of

When Life Throws a Curve, God is Not Surprised

Every day we wake up with thoughts and intentions and plans about the things we want or need to do. We ponder our lists of projects, we organize our schedules, we make appointments and plans. And then life throws a curve. Something unexpected takes place – plumbing issues, van repairs, family crises – and sometimes we lose our breath. We realize our “to do” list will have to be set aside or rewritten. I don’t

Life is just a Chair of Bowlies…

It’s been a busy time lately! I didn’t think I was “doing” that much, but it seems like the days are flying by and I’m staying busy! Between school events, church, Bible study, and family stuff – I don’t ever run out of anything to do. Can you relate? Roy & I got a good start on Christmas shopping this weekend. The girls visited “Santa”, after spending a couple hours at Chuck E. Cheese (we

But Elijah was not Perfect

This fiery prophet of God, Elijah, was not a perfect man. Righteous – in that he sought to be in right standing with God. But not perfect. Right after the incredible victory in the face of overwhelming odds – Elijah ran. That’s right. Jezebel, the wicked queen, heard of Elijah’s sacrifice and God’s response – and she in turn sent a death threat to Elijah. And he ran. His faith in God vanished in the


Today is finals, so there is no post. I have a paper to write, a discussion board to complete, a quiz and an exam. It’s been an interesting week. This may be my last week of school for several month – more on that later – and I’m looking forward to a break, let me tell ya. As much as I LOVE the content, my school schedule – along with my other responsibilities – keeps

Did You Notice?

Did you see it yet? When you read further down, maybe it’ll catch your eye! I have a NEW button for my blog. Yep, Heather at made it for me. I think it’s CUTE. I’m not biased, you know… Feel free to copy and add it to your blog if you’d like… Woohoo Oh – and she’s working on my new Queen Size Mommy page, too! So if you’re wanting to follow my journey

Polished Cornerstones – Project Ruth

I decided, after looking through the Polished Cornerstones – Projects for Daughters on the Path to Womanhood from Doorposts, to start simply with my girls. Georgie will be 3 in just a few weeks, and Curly will be 5 a few weeks later. I am brushing up on A Godly Woman, and specifically focusing on Ruth. Monday I read them the story of Ruth from their Little Girls’ Bible and we talked about how Ruth