When It Gets Tough

You would think – with all these major natural disasters, downward economic spirals across the globe, growing troubles in the Mideast – that people would get a clue… While I don’t believe anyone who predicts a specific date & time for Christ’s return, all of these events (in general) have been predicted and recorded in God’s Word. Nobody wants to believe IN God. Some folks want to believe He exists – in some existential sort

Growing Times Three

Today Little Man is Two Months Old. TWO MONTHS OLD already! I sighed as I typed that. It’s hard to believe he was born 2 months ago already. But I do think that is – at least in part – due to the fact that the first four weeks of baby-life is SUCH. A. BLUR! Lots of feeding, changing diapers, trying to sleep, trying to learn a new baby and adjust to schedules and everything

Thankful Thursday

I find myself sitting in the living room, fully dressed – unshowered – waiting to get Curly up to get her ready for school. My mind is racing with thoughts for today – things I need to do, things I should do, things I’d love to do. This week, I’ve been working on getting into a routine – a schedule – and so far, things are progressing. Having a daily list is really essential –

Just Touching Base!

My mom – Queen Martha – has been here this week, and she is spending time today getting my freezer full of quick meals! Yay! We have spent some time shopping & running errands this week (some were totally unexpected!) but today – while it’s raining – we are spending the day at home while she cooks and I get some Minimum Maintenance done around here! We have gone through a bag of boys clothes

One Day at a Time…

Adjusting to a whole new person at home is definitely a process! We have two girls who are early birds. Every so often, Curly drags her feet getting out of bed, but for the most part – both girls are early morning risers. So, of course, Little Man is a night owl. sigh. I’m running on fumes these days. Even when I tried to sleep today, I couldn’t – after getting about 4 hours of

Oh What a Week! (CGC!)

Oh has it been a week. We’ve gotten significant amounts of snow – enough to delay 1 day of school – but enough to keep us from just getting out and going anywhere. It’s very pretty – but VERY cold. Hot Tea or Coffee is JUST right!!! Feel free to help yourself!!! {Hello Company Girls!} Honestly – I’ve had some good moments this week – but we are dealing with some serious stress – that

After Christmas Recovery

Christmas day was just beautiful here. The sun was shining part of the day, melting off snow and ice – and glittering on the snow that remained. Sweet time with family and simple enjoyment of the day. As I write this, my girls are watching one of their new movies, I am rocking my nephew to sleep, and my husband lies sick with the stomach flu on the couch… I feel as though I have