Guest Post: The Heart of Spiritual Warfare

[box type=”info”] I am SO very excited to feature a guest post from Kristine McGuire. I “met” Kristine online via a book review of her book, (now republished) Escaping the Cauldron. Kristine is a Christian woman, a former witch and medium, and an excellent writer. I have been repeatedly moved by her story and her willingness to address issues that some Christians shy away from. I’m very honored to share her with you here.[/box] The

Feeling Normal. Meet Sairah Faith.

So for the first time in a very long time – on Tuesday as a matter of fact – I felt NORMAL. I don’t know how else to describe it, but when I woke up, I was fully present, in my skin, in my circumstances, in my life. And it was a BEAUTIFUL day! It’s been so. very. long. since I have felt even the slightest tinge of “normal.” Maintaining, yep. Surviving, sure. Even close

Change is Good

I am NOT always happy when Change comes rolling around. I like to MAKE plans and KEEP plans… But one thing I’ve learned this past year – in a new way – is that CHANGE IS GOOD. We’ve had a LOT of changes to deal with – and we did not always respond well, but as the year wore on, the changes that came were viewed differently. There’s something about putting your trust in a

How is Your Perspective?

How easy is it for you to actually change your perspective about something? Anything? Do you tend to fight it – holding onto long-held beliefs and values, or are you willing to reconsider misinformed opinions or misapplied standards? I’ve read a few things over the past week that made me think long and hard. That made me review my own perspectives, opinions – judgments, even. So I found a blog written by a mom whose

What is Hirschprung’s Disease?

Until last week, I had never ever heard of Hirschprung’s disease. After checking online for “ileus vs. bowel obstruction” (which were the original diagnoses considered), I started seeing it in the search results, but didn’t read anything in depth until a surgeon mentioned Hirschprung’s disease later. Hirschprung’s disease is when the ganglion nerve cells inside the colon are missing, preventing the mobility of the colon’s muscles to move waste out of the body. Basically, it

Motherhood’s Journey

We often talk about how quickly children grow and change. We measure their height with pencil marks on a doorframe. We chart their first years of life in a baby book or on calendars. We note accomplishments and scrapbook their successes. But how often do we journal our own growth, effort, accomplishments, and successes as we journey through Motherhood? I’m not talking about BRAGGING about ourselves, so much as I am talking about recording the

The Bumblebee Song

You know the Bumblebee Song, right? Maybe you know it as Flight of the Bumblebee? Well, these days – THAT’S MY SONG! Flight of the Bumblebee A 16 week old who is now rolling over. Which means laying him on the couch is no longer a viable option… A 3 year old who needs to take a rock-climbing class. I’m about to create one in her bedroom, I think! A 5 year old who can