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Guest Post: The Heart of Spiritual Warfare

[box type="info"] I am SO very excited to feature a guest post from Kristine McGuire. I "met" Kristine online via a book review of her book, (now republished) Escaping the Cauldron. Kristine is a Christian woman, a former witch and medium, and an excellent writer. I have been repeatedly moved by her story and her… Continue reading Guest Post: The Heart of Spiritual Warfare

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Change is Good

I am NOT always happy when Change comes rolling around. I like to MAKE plans and KEEP plans... But one thing I've learned this past year - in a new way - is that CHANGE IS GOOD. We've had a LOT of changes to deal with - and we did not always respond well, but… Continue reading Change is Good

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How is Your Perspective?

How easy is it for you to actually change your perspective about something? Anything? Do you tend to fight it - holding onto long-held beliefs and values, or are you willing to reconsider misinformed opinions or misapplied standards? I've read a few things over the past week that made me think long and hard. That… Continue reading How is Your Perspective?

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What is Hirschprung’s Disease?

Until last week, I had never ever heard of Hirschprung's disease. After checking online for "ileus vs. bowel obstruction" (which were the original diagnoses considered), I started seeing it in the search results, but didn't read anything in depth until a surgeon mentioned Hirschprung's disease later. Hirschprung's disease is when the ganglion nerve cells inside… Continue reading What is Hirschprung’s Disease?