Mommy, Queen, or QueenMommy

I read a sign while shopping the other night and it has stuck with me.  It read:  Mommy is One Rank Higher than Queen.   That meant something to me personally and I may have to negotiate to purchase that for myself as a reminder of the thought process that followed…  I began to roll around those 3 titles: Mommy, Queen, and Queen Mommy. You know, I am a planner.  Maybe you didn’t know that.  But

Oh those Minions!

My family & I just watched the movie Despicable Me for the first time over this weekend. OH. THOSE. MINIONS! We actually watched the movie twice and Little Man was as entranced by the minions as the rest of us.  They were humorous and Little Man sat for the whole time the movie was on!!! What are the minions exactly? Does anybody know? Little Man called them “Beedos” – at the beginning of the movie

Blog Rewind: Saving Money on TV with a Streaming Device

This is part TWO of a Three Part series I originally posted when my links were not working. I thought I would repost them with updated links so you can read them. A lot of people look to save money on cable and want to know some alternatives. I thought I would share our experience with you here! Enjoy – and let me know what you think! Earlier, I wrote about the Roku 2 XD

Good Times on the GoodTime

Roy has a new job.  He’s been there about a month – still in counseling – but no longer in private practice (that is a WHOLE other blog, let me tell you!)  Anyway, he got some awesome discount tickets for a 3 hour tour, er cruise, on Lake Erie from Sandusky, Ohio.  Our boat would be the GoodTime I.  So, with Roy’s parents, and our 3 kids, we ate a quick bite at the golden

Guest Post: The Heart of Spiritual Warfare

[box type=”info”] I am SO very excited to feature a guest post from Kristine McGuire. I “met” Kristine online via a book review of her book, (now republished) Escaping the Cauldron. Kristine is a Christian woman, a former witch and medium, and an excellent writer. I have been repeatedly moved by her story and her willingness to address issues that some Christians shy away from. I’m very honored to share her with you here.[/box] The

Feeling Normal. Meet Sairah Faith.

So for the first time in a very long time – on Tuesday as a matter of fact – I felt NORMAL. I don’t know how else to describe it, but when I woke up, I was fully present, in my skin, in my circumstances, in my life. And it was a BEAUTIFUL day! It’s been so. very. long. since I have felt even the slightest tinge of “normal.” Maintaining, yep. Surviving, sure. Even close