In the Word: An Unsafe God

I was reading this morning in my “Run to Him” devotional, and what I read made be cry.  Hard.  I had already read Psalm 16 and was pondering it, when I turned into the devotional to read this week’s introduction.  Author Lara Williams was relating a story about reading through Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe with her children.  She commented that at times, she had to stop reading because what

It’s a New Day! In the Word Series

While I was on {yet another} blogging hiatus, I found myself struggling with many different things.  As much as I love the Word of God and spending time In the Word of God, I realized how little I incorporate it into our lives.  (That makes me sick to my stomach, by the way.)  I don’t want to preach to my family about anything.  Because my weaknesses & sins preach much louder than my words.  But

It Ain’t Easy Doing Right

The thing about Christian Living is that it ain’t easy.  It ain’t easy to go against our flesh when the better choice is love.  It ain’t easy to go against our feelings when the better choice is grace.  And it certainly ain’t easy when you feel like you’re all alone and the only one who cares about doing right. Anybody feel me here? That’s why when I saw the new Ultimate Bundle, I knew I

Only Jesus

To so many of us, the story of Jesus is much more than a story.  Whenever we met Jesus, or whenever we finally caved into His Calling – once you have come to know Him, you cannot ever truly deny Him again.  (let me add – you cannot ever truly deny Him again without denying life everlasting…) For every one of us who believe in Christ, there are so many more who have swallowed the

Who Do You Trust?

When you need answers to questions, who do you typically turn to?  Where do you go to find answers that you trust and rely on to make decisions? Do you Google or Bing or Ask your questions online? Do you visit Facebook and ask your friends or family? Are there family members you turn to more often than others? Do you visit the library?  Ask a physician or licensed professional? Do you rely on yourself,

Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner

“Hate the sin; love the sinner.” You’ve heard this before, right?  You’ve seen this before.  Maybe you have even said it before. I know I have. But how is that accomplished, exactly? How do we actually HATE the sin and LOVE the sinner?  In what ways is this practiced?  In what ways do we actually accomplish this? Supposedly this is what Jesus did.  Supposedly He hated their sin while loving the sinners. When did He