Dr Jekyll, Mrs. Hyde – Part I

I have been a long-time sufferer of PMS or PMDD. There are many opinions and beliefs about this subject, but I am here to tell you that they could have done a case study on me to prove the same findings and conclusions that indicate the reality of these hormonally charged conditions. PMS is a real problem; PMDD moreso. Basically, PMDD is a more severe form of PMS, but when someone says “PMS” just about

The Zombie Queendom

Is it breaking some sort of Blogging Code of Ethics to copy & paste the same personal blog article on 3 different sites? If so, please feel free to press charges and have me locked up – I could use a good night’s rest… So my girls have pretty well taken me through some very high highs and some very low lows in the past month. From Christmas until now we’ve had cases of prolific

I feel like Eeyore…

I do not intend to be depressing when I post, but today I am very tired and a little bit down in the dumps, and I really need a break. Last evening was just difficult. Curly was nothing but whiny – ALL EVENING. Nothing made her happy. She cried about EVER-Y-THING and it was impossible to calm her down. She is not feeling great – evidenced by a pull-up that required undressing her in the

No Rest for the Weary

So, to catch up – Droolah is handling her breathing treatments well, and is starting to get used to the machine & noise associated with it. She did sleep for 6 hours straight before that, which is an improvement. She was up too early this morning with a long coughing fit, but the coughing seems to be happening less often – no fever – good appetite. Yay. She is DEFINITELY into eating because she eyes

The Unexpected…

So, Wednesday throughout the day, Curly seemed to be getting worse. Her cold was starting to slow her down and by the time I got her & Droolah picked up and settled in at home, we knew things were getting iffy. She wasn’t as active as normal and she put herself to bed at 8:00. how many 2 year olds do YOU know that are willing to do that???

Merry Tidbits

I fully intended to post this before Christmas and never had a chance to get to the computer. We are on the upswing (finally) of some nasty colds, although I have a good case of laryngitis (which makes Mothering VERY interesting…) Having received a box of Cheryl & Co. cookies from my boss and having NO self-control whatsoever, I will likely enjoy a sugar cookie coma for the next week. Yes!!! (My boss is really

Home vs. Work

Should I feel guilty for breathing a sigh of relief at knowing both girls are at their Mama’s house while I’m on my way into work? After the long weekend we endured, it was actually a pleasant prospect knowing I was heading into work which is fairly predictable and routine.