Parenthood in all it’s gory, er, glory…

So – this last week was a week to remember. It was one of those weeks where my every desire to be a wife and mom was challenged at every front. It was not easy. I can admit that I did not handle all or most situations with dignity or patience or peace or tolerance. I did a lot of yelling, a lot of crying, a lot of steaming, a lot of walking. The walking


Do you ever feel like getting your hair cut is kinda like the impetus for life change? I have felt that before – not every time – but there have been those times that getting my hair cut was something like cutting off the old and expecting new growth in my life, not just on my head. (overanalyzing?)

Identity Quest

Ya know – I’m 38 years old. Finishing my college degree. A wife. A mom. A daughter. A sister. A friend. A believer. And I’m CONSTANTLY questioning who I am. I’m constantly doubting my abilities and skills and talents. I’m questioning my strength, my character, and my heart.

Making Headway

So far, being home is really awesome.  Despite the Hoover-dam-like constipation or the exploding volcanic diapers, the 3:00 am  “Mommy – I waked up!”, the NO NAPS FOR MOMMY war, the 3 foot garter snake in my garden (WHICH, by the way my husband Roy scooped up into a butterfly net and transferred to a pillow case like a pro on TV!!!), more dishes washed than I can count on a daily basis – I

Paging Ms. Hyde…

Argh. “That time of the month” just carries a tone of doom & gloom for me. This month was not so bad where the “PMS” was concerned. But I have not cramped like this in several months, and Roy was sensitive (& smart) enough to lay low and just let me be cranky-unhappy-dissatisfied-panicky-impatient Ms. Hyde.

My Life Is Just Getting Started

Who knew that recent events in this 38-year old woman’s life would mean the start of a new life? Wow – today was my first day as a FULL-TIME MOM. I was given an early, albeit abrupt, reprieve from “my day job” and find that although my emotions are all over the place, mentally – I’m SOOOOO ready to be home with my girls.


I’ve found some really amazing blogs listed on other mommy blogs and the most recent ones had a running theme of adoption. One mommy who just adopted, and one who is waiting for a birthmom to deliver her baby. When you have time – check out some of the blog links to the right – there are some amazing, funny, spunky, witty, creative women out there, and I love that I get a peek into