With all the sickies at our house, Roy & I were glad to have a few hours Saturday night to watch a hometown basketball game. Roy wouldn’t admit it, but he was quite the Basketball star in his time (seriously!), and watching the hometown game brought back a lot of memories. It was nice to get out for a few hours – away – together – and we appreciated SO MUCH Queen Mamaw watching the

Are You a Creative-Perfectionist-Procrastinator like Me?

Then YOU should meet The Fly Lady! Oh my gosh – I am SO happy to have found her again! A couple of years ago when I first got married, I was looking for something to help me learn how to manage our household. I knew the things that needed to be done, but getting them accomplished without sabotaging myself in my perfectionist (and therefore, procrastinating) ways proved to be very difficult. I visited several

CPR. It’s for everyone.

Earlier this week, Curly was given some antibiotics – she got strep throat. She handled it all pretty well and is getting down her pretty gross medicine and recovering nicely. Georgie’s test came back negative (Thank you, Lord), and we decided to have our annual cookie baking day with cousins yesterday. It was fun – the kids were wound and loaded with sugar after about 5 minutes – but we got the cookies decorated –

Introduction to Queen Martha

As promised (although much later in the day than intended), this post begins a weekly series of interviews with my mom, Queen Martha. Growing up in our house, the holidays came and went with only an occasional mess or even disturbance. Picture Ralphie & A Christmas Story – and that’s how I remember most Christmases growing up. How my mom pulled it all off was always a mystery to me – and to others.Martha is

Moms At Home

As a Christian woman, it really is my heart’s desire to please God. As a Christian wife, it is also my desire to truly be a helpmeet to my husband. It is challenging. I am very strong-willed and strong-minded and opinionated (could you tell), but it is my hearts desire and I do strive to be a wife that pleases both God and my husband. As I am learning more about what God expects of