Revive our Hearts,I Corinthians 7:5 Challenge Wk 2, & more!

I didn’t want to separate posts today – so this is a conglomerate of posts… I continue to find some really amazing websites and blogs that just inspire me and give me serious food for thought. One of the newest blogs that has become a daily favorite is Passionate Homemaking. This girl has got it together! From natural resources and tips for green living – to biblical womanhood and homemaking advice – I’ve been VERY

Beauty By Design

I am so excited about this. As part of the Moms New Years Bonanza ’09, the free gifts for today come from Alyssa at Beauty By Design online. (You can still sign up for the Mom’s New Year Bonanza here.) Alyssa is a Christian speaker / author who focuses on Self-Esteem, True Beauty and Mother-Daughter connections (yay!) She has written several e-books, too, and although I got a couple of them free today, I’m definitely

More Monday musings

I don’t usually post twice in one day – but I got the other post done and then was reminded of a new challenge I’m going to participate in. I found it through Christian Stay At Home Moms – which is a site I visit daily and am meeting some really great Christian moms. 1 Corinthians 7:5 (New Living Translation) Do not deprive each other of sexual relations, unless you both agree to refrain from

Monday Musings

Well, we only got about 6″ of snow, but it came down hard at times and local roads are essentially packed down. It snowed off & on all day Saturday, and even yesterday – but Roy was still able to get out to Walmart on Saturday. We pretty much “loafed” all weekend, but that was NICE! School starts for me today – Physiological Psychology and Marketing. Both with intense assignments and collaborative projects. After glancing

Facebook & Faithbooking

Two totally different things – neither have anything to do with each other – and if I wanted to be “poetic” I’d wait to post this tomorrow so I could continue with the “F” theme. But life being what it is, I am not gonna wait! FACEBOOK If you are not familiar with Facebook (except for the stories about people being in online social networking sites and getting taken advantage of), I would recommend checking

The Refiner’s Fire

If you are familiar with Steve Green, you may be familiar with the song, The Refiner’s Fire. I remember hearing it in college, and have often remembered it at critical points in my life. It references the heat and fire used to refine gold and bring it to its purest form. As the heat melts the gold, impurities float to the top, and the dense gold metal sinks to the bottom, so that when it

Be Kind in 2009

So my goal – my commitment – my resolution for the year is to BE KIND IN 2009. It is something I will have to practice – A LOT – and something that challenges me. I am not “kind” by nature. I tend to be more pointed, harsh – even mean. I must be kind to myself. Give myself “a break” even if I don’t think I deserve it – paint my toenails with glittery