Ta-Da Tuesday – Moms Rock!

Curly’s older cousin, Moe, gave her a Tshirt recently that is bright yellow with a hot pink graphic on the front that reads, “My Mom Rocks!” (I’d post a pic, but it’s in the dirty laundry at the moment…) I read it to her the first time she wore it, and now every time she puts it on, she says proudly “My Mom Rocks!” and does a little happy dance. I don’t even pay her

Monday Munchies

I am really finding a lot of great recipes from Allrecipes. I found my Amish Friendship Sourdough Starter there, and several recipes to use it in. I’ve made this recipe twice in the past four days: Sourdough Scones. I am a big fan of scones. As a matter of fact, the girls & I often have a mid-afternoon snack because Roy works late and we normally don’t eat supper until 7:30 pm. Enter: Afternoon Tea!!!


This is not a topic I write about lightly or without thought & feeling. As a matter of fact, because my tagline includes “abortion” this will likely get pressed by my blog host and I’ll see some comments from new readers. That being said, I feel a passion to write more about this – and along with Forgiveness and the Sovereignty of God – Abortion will be a more prominent topic on my blog. I

What’s Up Wednesday? Lapbooking!

Have you discovered Lapbooking? Do you know what it is? I didn’t until a few weeks ago. I’d never heard the term, but the more I was looking into premade home organization templates & forms to build my Homekeeper Notebook, the more I saw the term. Being nosy – I checked into it more. And LOVE what I’ve found. Lapbooking is essentially an easy way to introduce or implement teaching at home and keep a

So Good to Be Home Again!

Family vacations. Does this bring back memories for you, too? I remember the many driving trips to visit friends & relatives while I was growing up at home – and some of them are my favorite childhood memories. My dad was a sort of “Clark W. Griswold” before it was cool – and and took it upon himself to take us to some adventuresome places – including Wall Drug… We never made it to Wally

Praying for Caden

Curly is learning to pray. Not just quoting a memorized prayer, although that is not out of the question as sometimes her prayers can ramble on. We pray before our meals – usually she prays – and we pray as she gets tucked into bed. She usually says her prayer, and ends with “Amen. Now your turn.” A child’s prayer can be really sweet – it can be really rambling – and it can be

Monday Memes – At the Well & 1 Cor. 7:5

You really should pop over to read this sweet post by Penny At the Well today. It falls right in line with my post summing up this past weekend… Stressful times abound. Chaos threatens to steal away peace. How do we respond to it? As Christians? As wives? As mothers? We know actions speak louder than words (and that was more evident to me this past weekend than ever before) Our questions for today are: