Guest Blogger: Did your momma teach you good manners?

It’s great to have Alyssa Avant, of Beauty By Design, joining us here at The Cafe again today… “Yes, ma’am”, “No ma’am”, “Thank you”, “No thank you” are these words common practice in your day-to-day life? I have had conversations lately with ladies where they will ask me to stop saying, “yes ma’am” to them, because we are close in age, then I have also had conversations with older people who were surprised by my

Making Your Home Sing Monday: Emotions

Here is the original post. This is my first time participating in this meme, and I think it’s a good way to start the regular week. THIS post was written for me. Not that I personally know the author – but this is EXACTLY where I am at RIGHT NOW. It is HOT. I don’t like HOT. I don’t enjoy sticky, sweaty weather. It is NOT my thing, and it makes me TERRIBLY irritable and

Giveaways Galore!!!

Besides the Potty Tots Giveaway here at The Queen Mommy’s Cafe, there are a lot of other contests & giveaways going on around the Blogging World that you should know about!!! Don’t forget, the Potty Tots Giveaway ends this Sunday, 4/26, at 11:59 pm. Winner will be announced on Monday! 5 Minutes for Mom and other great Mom Bloggers have several AMAZING Giveaways going on right now! Click on each button graphic or the links

Little Girls Should Have Big Imaginations

I am thrilled to welcome, Alyssa Avant, of Beauty by Design Ministries to The Cafe today, and excited to share this article, from her, with you. Little girls love to play dress up, dream of being grown up and create tea parties for their teddy bears, or are these activities lost in the new age hustle and bustle and avalanche of technology? Are they being replaced by Wii games, dancing to Ipod music and created

Potty Tots Product Review & Giveaway!

I was really pleased to have the opportunity to review a potty training program called Potty Tots. Georgie, who is now 21 months old, has been trying to “Go Potty” be like her big sister, Curly. Curly was mostly potty trained by her Mamaw because Mamaw took care of her all day while I was still working. Potty Training Georgie, I’ll admit, has been a little bit intimidating and I have not pushed potty training,

A Featured Mom Blogger and a Dad Blogs Giveaway

Mom & Dad blogs just rock! Have I told you how much I enjoy 5 Minutes for Mom? The 2 twin sisters who put this site together have a really well-thought out, practical, fun, encouraging website for Moms! They recently featured an interview with Mary, a mom of 10, who has her own blog (which includes an easy BREAD recipe right there on her main page!), and also blogs at a couple of other places,

What’s Up Wednesday? Product Review & Giveaway from Ecostore!

Not having done a formal product review before, I was only a little bit hesitant when I was contacted by someone from Ecostore products to try their products. I wasn’t hesitant to try the products so much as to put together a product review. =) So here goes: Ecostore USA, in their own words: “is an extension of a 20 year old New Zealand company that makes plant based , non-toxic Household Cleaning, Baby