From the Beginning…

“Transformation is not a light switch. It is a process.” This is a statement our Pastor made in his sermon yesterday – and I could totally relate. Just about two years ago, I was still pregnant with Georgie. I was working full-time and really loved my job. I had a lot of responsibility and it was challenging, rewarding work. I interacted with a wide variety of people – and my coworkers were Da Bomb!

Happy Memorial Day

As the daughter of a former US Marine and Air Force serviceman, patriotism runs deep in my veins. Since I can remember. Today is a day to remember and BE THANKFUL FOR the men and women who have served our country with pride, honor & dignity. Sure, there are always those exceptions whose behavior threatens to tarnish the reputation of what an American Soldier really is. But I don’t focus on them. They are, after

Making Your Home Sing Monday: Why Can’t a Man Be More Like a Woman?

Aha! A topic I can really talk about! Why can’t a man be more like a woman??? Why can’t he see that the trash is full and should be taken out – the living room floor is an almost impossible maze of shoes, toys, jackets, and clothes – and one lonely sock missed the laundry basket that is sitting right there in the middle of the floor? Truth is, he doesn’t notice those things for

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Obama’s speech at Notre Dame’s graduation ceremony garnered a lot of attention. Both good and bad. The abortion debate being the central focus for many… Statements made during his speech basically reiterated what so many in the Pro-Life (or “Anti-Abortion” depending on how the news slants) camp have been saying for years – but have been “shushed” by so many social experts as “impossible,” “unlikely,” even “intolerant.” Obama suggests we reduce the number of women

Are You Stressed Out, Mom?

I’ve been blessed in the past several weeks by the ministry of Cindy Rushton. I’ve been able to listen to some of her audio recordings, download some goodies, and am really finding my way! Her heart for the Lord (and her sweet, southern drawl) just reach out to me. She reminds me very much of another Cyndi I dearly love. I wanted to share this with you – and hope it helps you the way

Thought Full Thursday: Settling In… Gearing Up…

Since I began my Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) journey over a year ago, actually BECOMING Keeper at Home has been quite challenging for me. First, I had to undergo a personal transformation that allowed me to understand more fully the value, the responsibility, the role that “Keeper at Home” entails. Having worked after the births of both of my girls, I was just a “working mommy” and learned to find satisfaction in what was

What’s Up Wednesday? Contests & Giveaways This Week

I love linking up to some of my favorite bloggers who are gracious and abundant in offering contests & giveaways! Here are some you should NOT miss!!! (You do not always have to be a blogger to participate, so check them out – take a look at the prize lists – and see what you can do to enter!) I’m a loyal follower of Saramae at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee. She is such