Human Trafficking – More Info

Although I have been quiet about it of late, the burden of Human Trafficking has not left my heart or mind. Being the mother of small children, I am aware of the ever present dangers in the world around us – even in our little town. The horrors of human trafficking, as I quickly discovered, are unspeakable. But silence in this knowledge is intolerable. The information I discovered – via Natalie Grant’s CD Relentless, a

And now… the Rest of the Story…

Here is part 3 of my continuing journey over the past couple of years. Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here. Let me just say right here: If you ask God for help – don’t expect Him to help you the way YOU think He should. He sees the big picture. He sees down the road – tomorrow, two weeks from now – twenty years from now. HE knows what’s coming. And HE will

National Iced Tea Month!

Okay, yes, “national” month themes are overdone – but this is one I personally enjoy so I’m going to write about it. =) Growing up – and I’ve mentioned this before – we almost always had iced tea in our refrigerator. Sometimes Kool-aid – RARELY any pop or soda of any kind. We drank water, tea, or milk. And because milk was expensive, we often resorted to tea. We had patchens of spearmint growing in

Muffin Monday

One of the multitude of benefits of my blogging internship is the extreme exposure to foodie blogs. I’ve found some pretty great cooks, bakers & bloggers – and now I’m a loyal follower of many of them. I’ve tried several new recipes (and have more to try), but I have to say my favorite is the Yummy Donut Muffins recipe I wrote about on Family Foodies. Adding sour cream to the original recipe really made

Dayzd and Confused

I canNOT keep my days of the week straight this week (or last week if you really must know). I wake up every morning and think it is a totally different day than it really is. Do you know how discombobulating this is? The nap strikes and midnight bedroom invaders continue, so my sleep is definitely lacking. Side note: I’ve always wanted to use some form of the word, “discombobulate” in my blog. Now I

The Plans of Mice and Moms…

I should never make any declarations here about how I will have something posted by a specific date! You’d think I would learn this – but I can be slow sometimes… Nap Strikes continue. Late nights and early morning wakings have been added. Mommy’s lack of sleep – combined with two tired girls and and many looming deadlines have had a serious effect on me. BRAIN FREEZE! And not the good kind you get from

Mom Lounge, Postpartum Depression – twitter moms: the influential moms network

This video is really informational about Postpartum Depression (PPD). I wanted to post this before continuing with my journey because it is so useful! I can relate to so much of what they are talking about – even the “obsessional” neatness issue. [vodpod id=Groupvideo.2656945&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26] more about “Mom Lounge, Postpartum Depression – t…“, posted with vodpod