The Simple Woman’s Daybook: July 13

Outside my window… the birds are gathering in the yard for their morning breakfast. It’s lovely to see the variety and to hear their morning conversation – even when I’m not quite awake enough… I am thinking… of how amazing Grace truly is. Without it life would mean so little to me. I am thankful for… a husband who is so supportive and loving and my girls. I’m so much a better person because of

A Company Girl – Inspired!

Christin, at Journey to A Gracious Woman featured this meme of sorts on her blog last week and I was intrigued. I visited Home Sanctuary and found it to be another one of those warm, inviting, encouraging blogs that I just HAD to subscribe to on the spot. And it’s really more of a club than a meme. Cool! You know – like walking into a little coffee shop that smells of fresh coffee &

Tea-riffic Thursday!

So have you been enjoying your iced tea this summer? I’ll admit I’m hung up on Iced Mochas right now – but I can only drink so many of them before I get sick. Not to mention the calories consumed… Iced Tea is the perfect solution! Just because National Iced Tea Month is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy one of the world’s favorite summer beverages. With my fresh peppermint growing out back, I

Book Review: The I Believe Bunny by Tish Rabe

When I saw the opportunity to do some book reviews for a Christian publishing company, I HOPPED on it. Thomas Nelson has published many books that I’ve enjoyed reading. And now there’s another one! My first book review is of The I Believe Bunny, by Tish Rabe. SUCH a cute book. I was very pleased to see just how beautifully illustrated it was, and as I read it the first time – how simply written

Seven Easy Tips: How to Get Your Daughter to Say No Ebook

I enjoy Alyssa Avant’s writing and follow her blog, Beauty By Design. She is a really sweet, Southern Christian lady and I enjoy the opportunity to share her with you. Alyssa Avant is a Christian writer, speaker, and business owner whose mission is to turn the hearts of girls towards God. She combines her experience in the modeling industry and as youth and children’s director to reach out to girls pressured and confused by the

One of those days…

Yesterday was one of THOSE days. You know the kind I mean. Girls won’t stop screaming in the store while we’re shopping. Or hitting. Or bumping heads. Or fighting. Or annoying. Or grabbing things off the shelves. So shopping for things we are in need of was scrapped. Just as I would get settled into something – anything – the phone would ring. I never quite finished any one project. I was left feeling that