Hiding God’s Word in Our Heart

Reading and memorizing Scripture as a kid is something that has stayed with me throughout my life! Something like the multiplication tables – only I have relied on it much more often than my “times” tables! What a precious gift – to have God’s word fill my heart and mind during moments of difficulty, sadness, depression, struggle, and even great joy! Psalms 119:10-11 says “I see you with all of my heart; do not let

Is God part of Your Family?

As Christians we know how important it is to have a daily walk with God. But just like anything else in our lives, making time for God can be a struggle. We know how important it is – and yet when we work all day – at home or on the job – it’s easy to keep putting our time with Him off for “later.” We run the kids to all their activities, make dinner,

7 Things I Admire about My Dad

Happy Birthday Daddy! Today is my Dad’s 62nd birthday. I can clearly remember his 40th birthday when my mom threw a birthday party for him and his best friends dressed up in makeup and costumes like “old geezers” and everybody had a good laugh. It doesn’t seem like it’s been 20+ years since that party, and other than having a few wrinkles, moving a little slower and forgetting things just a little more often –

Roy is THE MAN!

So, my sweet hubby Roy has been doing some studying lately. It was time for him to take his independent licensure exam as a Clinical Counselor. He has been a professional clinical counselor, but he was up for his independent licensure. For about SIX months he’s been reviewing the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to prepare for this exam. For about the past two months he has been getting up at 4

Curly’s Birthday Month

August is Curly’s birthday month. She is turning 4 years old! It’s hard to believe that my little Sunflower has grown so much – but she has! Do you know the amazing and cool things an almost-4 year old can do? Swing. Yes, that’s right folks, Curly can pump and swing herself now. And not only that, she helps push her sister on the swings, too! Swim. Okay, so it’s not really swimming, but to

The BEST OF The Queen Mommy’s Cafe…

I’m on a mini-vacation of sorts – visiting my parents for a couple of days – and thought I’d provide a list of some of the BEST OF The Queen Mommy’s Cafe Posts… If YOU really enjoyed one that I missed here – let me know! You’re probably going to notice a theme of sorts as these progress… My Husband Deserves A Parade! Family Restrooms The Zombie Queendom Red Licorice (this post has zero comments,

It’s Official! I Have Arrived…

So we signed Curly up for her first extracurricular activity. She’s not even in Preschool yet, but she will be a Soccer Girl this fall on a team with other 4 year olds. That means I’m a soccer mom! I drove her to an “evaluation” tonight and watched her try to follow the instructions she was given – using lingo she’s never heard before. It was quite comical – but she smiled her way through