Great Preschool Snack Ideas

My girls are fairly easy to please when it comes to snacks. But what one girl likes, may not be something that other kids like, too. Preschoolers can be picky, and some may even have allergies. So how do you come up with healthy snacks that preschoolers will really enjoy? Well, here’s a handy list of Great Preschool Snack Ideas!!! Here’s a list of easy & simple preschool snack ideas from Preschool Snacks.

A Full Cup – Company Girl Coffee Time!

Happy Friday everyone – enjoy your Company Girl Coffee time today! This week just flew right on by, didn’t it? School’s starting up in our area – Curly’s starts next week – and my own classes start up on Monday! Can I just say – again – how much I love Home Sanctuary? I am so inspired – so refreshed every time I visit. I’m finding some motivation to accomplish some of the tasks Rachel

Wisdom of a 4-year old

So being a Mommy Blogger, much of the content of my blog stems – on some level – from just being a mom. My experiences, my feelings, my struggles, my victories – I process many of these things here – and because of it am learning to explore and embrace Motherhood in a way I never expected. I try not to brag TOO terribly much about my girls. Of course, I have every right –

Does This Anger You? You Can Do Something About It!

It really has been difficult to put into words the amazing events that took place recently, as Shared Hope International‘s Nancy Winston, and Wake Up Youth‘s EleSondra DeRomano spent the day visiting with local law enforcement and members of our church congregation. Shared Hope International is on the forefront of the battle against child sex trafficking. Rescuing those who have been sold, trapped, tricked, or lost in a world of pure evil and manipulation! Nancy

What is the Big Deal about Christian Blogging?

With the explosion of blogging across the internet you’ll find thousands of people who blog for a million different reasons! You’ll find that even THIS blog has many directions and a variety of content. More and more Christian blogs and people who classify themselves as Christian bloggers are popping up. So what is the big deal about Christian blogging? Blogging about your faith can have an impact far beyond just words on a page. God

Finding Christian Connection Online

Do you find Christian connection online? Do you fellowship with other Christians online? It isn’t hard, but in this world where some connections can be dangerous or ungodly, it’s nice to find connection that is uplifing, encouraging and inspiring. The kind of connection that builds your faith in God as you fellowship with others. If you think about it, the opportunity for Christian fellowship online is remarkable. Christian fellowship in the Apostle Paul’s time took

Time for Some Changes. And Coffee Girls!

What a week this has been! A lot of emotional stuff after a terrific Shared Hope International event, my Psych class coming to an end (WOOHOO!), and just lots of wife-and-mommy stuff going on. You may start noticing some changes here in The Cafe. Maybe you’ve noticed some already. Pictures of my family are being removed from this blog. Previous (old) posts in my archives are going to become inaccessible and when my new blog