A Lie I Believed – Part 1

Although I missed last week’s Bible study (due to Georgie’s’ sickness), I was determined to be there yesterday. Despite spending 3 hours Saturday night studying for my Math exam, and 3 hours again yesterday morning – preparing and taking the exam – I thought I had plenty of time. But Math – well, it breaks me down. It was 8:00, and we were supposed to leave by 8:30 for church. I was still taking my

Share a Cup with Me! or I Dream of Keurig…

So what’s your favorite coffee blend? Do you have one or do you just drink the first available cup you can find? What’s your favorite brewing system? See, I can’t think or talk about the craziness of my week, so I’m going to focus on one of my favorite things: COFFEE!!! I could totally own a coffee shop and would LOVE to try the wide variety of coffee roasts, bean blends, and brewing systems to

Are you a Coupon Queen (or King)?

Do you “COUPON”? Do you spend time cutting coupons, filing them, and track your savings each week? Do you consider yourself to be a “Coupon Queen” (or King)? My mom is a pretty amazing coupon shopper, but I’ll admit I’ve not invested myself quite deeply enough to see significant savings. Oh, I use coupons. When I remember to bring my coupon filer. Or when I remember that I HAVE a coupon for a particular item.

Gods Purpose and Timing

Is it ever easy to Wait? For Anything? I think not. I’m a Let’s-Get-Moving-And-Do-It-Now kinda gal, and My God is a – “Hmmmm, it needs just a little more time” kinda Father. Requires much patience on my part – and serious trust. Not my strong suits. I’m ready to jump out of the boat and fly across the water. He knows I need more time in the boat – cuz He knows that the slightest

More Ways to Teach the Bible

Continuing from last week, I wanted to talk about other ways to incorporate the study of God’s Word into your family time and to instill a love for God’s Word in our kids. Trivia Games Because my parents were often Sunday School teachers, my dad had tons of helps and aids in teaching kids. He was very hands on and used object lessons regularly to explain things in Scripture that might otherwise be difficult. I

Great Stuff for Christian Women on the Web!

I just love finding the (sometimes) hidden treasures on the Web, don’t you? There are so many amazing and wonderful Christian resources available, it would be a full time job to hunt them down and list them all! Wouldn’t THAT be a fun job? Jean Stockdale of Standing Near the Cross Ministries announced a new interactive online Bible study of Ephesians for women – it begins September 24th. You can order your book at the

Happy Coffee Girls Day! (Is it really Friday again?)

it’s time for Company Coffee Girls – Yippee!!! Thanks to all of you for your prayers and encouragement through this past week. It does seem to me that Christians everywhere are struggling with something heavy – and we can certainly lift one another up… I’ve still felt physically discombobulated this week, though. Sort of “out of body” as Roy would say. The days came and went and I kinda felt like I missed a whole