Ultimate Bundle Sale Coming Soon!

I have blogged for several years and still like to share great deals when I find them. Ultimate Bundles offers several deals each year, but one of my favorite bundles is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! Every year, the UHB is packed full of resources including printable e-books, e-courses, printable forms, and more.  This year’s bundle is really exciting, but let me tell you first what the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is! The geniuses at Ultimate Bundles

Important Announcement at DebbieJTaylor.com

Hello lovely readers! It is quite possible that you are receiving a similar blog update from FindingGraceandGlory.com | Debbie Taylor. There is a reason for that, so this post is meant to clear things up a bit.  Grab your coffee (or tea.  Or diet Coke.  Or water – whatever you prefer). I have been blogging at this site for a little while now.  Let me rephrase:  I have been haphazardly blogging at this site for

When Will He Be Enough?

I find it interesting to go back and read through old journals and notebooks I have kept in previous phases of my life.  I don’t keep many around because sometimes there are things I don’t want anyone else to stumble upon – my journals tend to be the dumping grounds for whatever “junk” is lying around in my heart and writing is cathartic for me – but some I have kept because they have documented

Change of Scenery

So, some things have been going on here.  And NOT going on here.  I decided to move most of my blog content over to my new blog at FindingGraceandGlory.com and wasn’t sure what I was going to do here – if anything at all.   (If you haven’t been there, head on over and subscribe so you can stay caught up with my crazy life!) I have kept a few old posts here.  I plan

What You Need to Begin Building an Effective Schedule

Starting my day the night before is proving to at least give me a sense of what my day requires.  Reviewing my calendar, task list, kid schedules, work schedule, menu ideas, and more – help me stay focused on the important things I want to accomplish in life – not just the everyday “stuff” that needs doing.  One of the biggest hurdles for me has been building an effective schedule! I like to keep things