Company Coffee Girls: Let’s Have Tea!

Some of you may enjoy a rich, roast of your morning coffee – and I certainly do – but many of you also enjoy your tea – and I have a great fondness for tea, too… I posted about tea yesterday so feel free to visit and leave your comments – would love to know what tea you love and why… Fall is certainly upon us. It got rainy and cool, and then it got

Wife-ly Wednesday

I’m linking up with Sheila Royoire’s To Love Honor and Vacuum meme – Wifey Wednesdays today! I don’t write a whole lot about being a godly wife. I read a lot about being a godly wife – I pray about being a godly wife to Roy – but it’s an area I do not excel in. It’s hard for me to write about being honoring to our husbands, because it’s an area I struggle with.

Complete Randomness…

I LOVE FALL. I don’t know about any of you, but Fall actually energizes me and makes me happy! I love the cooler weather, the changing leaves, the crunch of them underneath my foot – even the rain. How do you feel about Fall? I don’t see it as a precursor to Winter, so much as an end to (hot, humid) Summer – so that’s where I’m coming from! Speaking of Fall, one reason I

Planner Forms, Home Organization, and Challenges, Oh My!

Maybe you know how much I LOOOOOOVE organizer forms. Organization – especially Home Keeping – is something I’ve written about many times in the past, and has been a subject of research and serious study in my life for about 18 months. I’ve tried the Flylady – more than once – and even though her system is great and really works for so many and she is gentle and encouraging – I was still very

Some Good Stuff!

Do you love Fall? Oh – it’s my favorite season! I love the cooling weather, the rain, the colors changing – the anticipation of the first snow! (If it WAS raining coffee, I’d play in the rain without an umbrella!) Over the summer, I had the blessing of getting to know Alyssa Avant better. She’s posted here a few times and she has a ministry that reaches out to Moms and Moms of Girls, specifically.

It’s Raining Coffee!!!

Woohoo! Company Girls – Happy Friday! Wouldn’t it be GREAT if it was raining Coffee??? Or Tea??? Sure our clothes might change colors, but think about how the caffeine would affect our, ahem, cellulite! When I’m brave enough to make my own soap, I think I’ll use coffee grounds as an exfoliant! Speaking of dirty clothes – I was brave enough to make my own laundry detergent last week – and so far so REALLY

God is Not Enough – Part 2

What a devastating realization to be brought face to face with a lie that has been embraced as a truth in my life for so many years. God is Not Enough. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, start there. As you’re reading this, maybe you have the same reaction to this idea. A reaction of shock and disbelief. Of COURSE God is enough. Isn’t He the Creator of the Universe, Lord of All, Supreme Ruler,