Unwrapping Christmas

As Christians, we often find ourselves fighting to keep our focus on the REAL meaning of Christmas. Many people focus on family time and how blessed we are to have one another. Some people focus on Jesus birth and the baby lying in a manger. It’s easy to think of Jesus – innocent and vulnerable – lying there in a manger amongst the cattle and other animals. But ultimately, Christmas is about something much bigger.

New Christmas Traditions

So it’s a busy week and I didn’t get my post done early – but I’ll share with you a couple of new Christmas traditions as a mommy! A couple of years ago I really wanted to bake cookies. My mom has cookie baking with her grandkids – but our schedules never coincide for us to be able to get together with Curly and Georgie. So I started making cookies and having my niece &

Singing Out Loud

Not surprising to some of you, I have been known to be a tad, er, “Dramatic” at times. For those of you who have known me long enough, you may remember back to my younger days when I sang in front of church and participated in church dramas – whether as part of the children’s choir or the larger Christmas programs at church. I always loved it. I loved how telling some story could always

Freezin’ Our Tails Off

Oh company girls, please let me fix a cup of coffee for you this morning! And I think I still have some Cream Cheese Coffee Cake to share with you, too. So pull up a chair and bundle up – cuz Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Indeed, winter HAS arrived in my neck of the woods. Cold, snowy, FREEZING winter. I love the snow – I love it when it snows like it did yesterday.

Happy Birthday to you, Roy!

Hello Coffee Gals. Welcome to the Queen Mommys Cafe today. Have a piece of birthday cake with your coffee or tea this morning! We are celebrating my husband, Roy’s 40TH birthday today! Okay – let’s be honest – I’M celebrating – he’s not quite sure whether he can celebrate turning 40 or not. So I thought I would do a tribute of FORTY THINGS about Roy today in honor of this grand occasion!

Wonderfull Wednesday!

Last night we hosted a Christmas Tea for the ladies of our church. It was really a Christmas Concert Tea – and it was lovely. Besides the fact that I love Tea – I. Love. Christmas! Always have! My birthday is next week, and I loved the fact that I was always able to celebrate my birthday amidst the lights and festivity of the Christmas season. sigh… Do you love Christmas? Do you love the

Design Your Own Christmas Cards

Did you know you can design your own Christmas cards at Dayspring.com? I love Dayspring – have enjoyed their products for years – and that’s why I’m proud to be an affiliate for Dayspring. Their products are beautiful and sweet – and you can actually design your own personalized Christmas cards. You can select a design, add a photo, choose Scripture and clip art, and personalize your message. Check it out by clicking my link