More Snow

Yep – we’ve been told to prepare for another 8-12″ of snow through Wednesday evening! It’s so very beautiful – and after a couple of days of sunshine, many of the roads had been cleared. But it started coming down very wet – and its slick out there. Today would be library day, but we’re hunkering down at home instead. I think it’s a soup & grilled cheese kind of day myself… Hope to get

Monday Morning already?

I don’t know where my days are going. I am getting much done and enjoying family time – but WHERE are the days going? We were, in fact, snowed in this weekend. Starting Friday afternoon until yesterday. Our local news reported only 13″ of snow, so we fared better than many places – but I ventured out yesterday to get a few things at the store and the roads were really hazardous. The sun was

What’s Up, Wednesday?

Well, I’ll tell you what’s up… I’ve got a 4 yr old who is running a slight temperature today. Enough to keep her home, but not so much to be terribly concerned. The Lord inspired me to take the girls to the library yesterday – and I’m very glad I did. We didn’t get to make our groundhog cookies, but we did color some groundhog papers and talked about groundhogs. And today we’ve got LOTS

Homeschool! Who, Me? You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

Our girls, Curly & Georgie, are 4 and 2. Curly is in Christian PreK right now and she loves it. Both girls enjoy being read to and Curly & I have recently made a game of writing her letters or numbers, identifying them, trying to sound them out and more on the big Magna Doodles she got for Christmas. So when I felt like God was saying that as part of the Mothering experience for

Seize the Day

Carpe Diem! Seize the Day! After a warmer few days and rainy weekend which melted all our snow away, we’ve awakened to a light fresh snowfall again. It is beautiful coming down. Big white snowflakes blowing around in the wind – looking like powdered sugar dusting a chocolate-colored landscape. I’ve been attending the A Woman Inspired Conference, Nurturing Creativity & Efficient Living, this week. I won a free ticket (Thank You Lord!) God knows how

Is it Friday already?

Hey Company Girls – Where did this week go? Well, pull up a chair – I’ve got bagels and strawberry spread, and can put the kettle on for tea. I’ve been drinking LOTS of tea this week for a sore through, cough / laryngitis. The girls have been sick, and I caught it cuz they love to share with me. lol. The tea & honey has been great, along with the horehound candy which is

Fa-fa-fa-fa-reezin’ Friday

Hey Coffee Girls – grab a cup of Joe and a toasted bagel or cinnamon raisin English muffin with cream cheese and settle in. We’re buried under snow. Okay – we’re not entirely buried under. Our sidewalk was shoveled last night and driveway was snow-blowed. But still – we’ve got lots of snow. It is a snow day – schools all around us are closed, closing or on delay. We will be playing in the