As the Stomach Churns

So yeah, we’ve got some kind of stomach “thing” going on at our house… Talk about a soap opera. Curly went to school yesterday and they were taking graduation pictures. She’d just had her individual shot taken when she lost her breakfast THREE TIMES and was running a temp. I don’t know how seriously her white cap & gown were impacted, but after a long nap yesterday, lots of 7up and popsicles, and another long

An Inspiration Appointment

After my post yesterday, I was really glad to have had a FREE Inspiration Appointment scheduled in the afternoon with iBloom Life & Parenting Coach, Tara McClenahan. I had the opportunity to hear Tara one afternoon via Cindy Rushton’s Talk-A-Latte, and really enjoyed everything she had to share. I immediately signed up for her newsletter and have read and referred to much of the literature found at her blog. Our appointment yesterday, though, was an

The Days of My Life

In the past couple of weeks, between the Life Action Ministries Summit Conference at church and well, just LIFE, I have really had to stop and take stock of a lot of things. 1. CLUTTER. Yep – I’m a messie, born and raised. Despite my U.S. Marine Corps drill instructor father’s and Queen Martha mother’s best efforts, I have always had more CLUTTER than a good flea market. Really. I love collections. And I married

Off to the Races…

Today I’m spending several hours with my mom “Queen Martha” – helping her edit and prepare her NEW COOKBOOK which should be published this year. AWESOME! She’s been blogging over at The Better Baker for a few months – and I can remember when she first got started how hesitant she was about having enough content and keeping up – and now she’s off and writing a cookbook! HA! Good times! It’s so nice that

Do you Know your Calling, Mighty Woman of Valor?

Yes, you! I’m talking to YOU! Don’t duck down behind that coffee mug or magazine! I can see you right there. And so can my Father. Do you know that you are called to be a MIGHTY WOMAN OF VALOR? Uh-huh, that’s right, girlfriend! YOU! Know how I know that? Proverbs 31. Mmmm-hmmmm – that chapter that has always seemed COMPLETELY UNATTAINABLE and UNREALISTIC and IMPOSSIBLE. The Hebrew translation for “virtuous woman” literally means: Woman

It’s a Sunny Day – Grab a Big Cup!

Good Morning – it is a GORGEOUS morning here. Sunny, cool (but not cold) and looking to be a really beautiful day. Got my coffee ready this morning – but you’ll have to settle for wheat toast with peanut butter this morning (although for people like me, that’s not something to “settle” for – I love it!) My husband, Roy, prefers his toast with peanut butter & Bob White syrup (which is much like Karo

Little Curly Bear

I don’t know why, but Curly just loves to watch Little Bear on nickJr. It’s a funny little show – and Little Bear is the main character. He has several animal friends and lives with his parents and sister. The stories usually involve lessons in manners and kindness and friendship, etc. I like it. There are still some shows on TV that promote good values – ya just have to look for them sometimes…