I’m Late, but Jumping In with Both Feet, so to speak

So despite circumstances this week (read tomorrow’s post) – I really feel I need to jump into a new challenge with Courtney, from Women Living Well. If you don’t know Courtney, you should take some time to get to know her. Courtney has been on the Rachael Ray show (seriously!) and shares a really counter-cultural life of living for her Lord – and her husband. If you are like me, you will probably be intrigued,

RePost: It’s Just a Turtle Pecan Sundae!

I wanted to repost this again as I am getting ready to launch a new section for my Queen Size Mommy posts – which will center on my food addiction, struggles with eating and weight – and striving for GOOD HEALTH. One of my favorite summer treats really is ice cream. I’m a “texture” eater and I love the disparity between the cold ice cream on those hot days that weigh me down with heat

RePost: Do you Know the Spirit?

(Revised version) In so many ways, I have come to know the Holy Spirit in a new way this year. After reading The Shack and attending most of the Summit Conference at church – my ears are tuning in (some days better, other days worse) to the voice of the Spirit and it is really refreshing. I hear Him calling me at 5:30 – even when the alarm isn’t set – to get up and

My Continued Thoughts on Homeschooling

This is a modified repost of a previous popular post here at the Queen Mommys Cafe: Our girls, Curly & Georgie, are 4 and 2. Curly just graduated from Christian PreK right and loved it. Both girls are social butterflies (big surprise, right?) and both are very bright – when I can get their attention long enough, that is… I still feel – even after posting this some time ago, that as part of the

Curly’s Day

Today is Curly’s graduation from Prekindergarten. I started blogging in the first place because of her. Friends & family would request updates or pictures – wanting to know how she (and we) were doing. And although I’d never done it before, I launched my first blog to share her life – and my new journey as a mom – with them. Several years later, and I’ll be watching Curly (in cap and gown) “graduate” and

Time to Buckle Down

So these 2 counseling classes I’m taking this summer are requiring serious chunks of study time. I am NOT complaining – I learn so much from each of the hour long DVD lectures – and reading 10 or so chapters a week – and am really grateful to be learning so much about Marriage & Family & Healthy Relationships. It’s always a bit disconcerting to recognize myself in descriptions of personality types – as much

Whew! We Made It!

This has been a week of serious soap-opera proportions! Curly is no longer sick, and Georgie only ever gagged – but they were both off kilter for the first 3 days of the week. And by “off kilter” – I mean they didn’t want to take naps! Nap Time – especially when I’m in school – is CRUCIAL to my sanity and ability to accomplish everything. Typically, on Thursday nights I have writing assignments due,