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Hello lovely readers! It is quite possible that you are receiving a similar blog update from | Debbie Taylor. There is a reason for that, so this post is meant to clear things up a bit.  Grab your coffee (or tea.  Or diet Coke.  Or water – whatever you prefer). I have been blogging at this site for a little while now.  Let me rephrase:  I have been haphazardly blogging at this site for

Have You Visited The Shack?

Yesterday at the very end of our morning church service we had a few surprise guests. Our pastor, his wife, and their 22-year old son Jonathan Pound were on stage addressing the church. In December, Jonathan was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. He had gone in to the doctor for back pain, following an injury while climbing. They discovered malignant tumors, and he is now receiving Round 3 of his very difficult chemotherapy.

A New Book. A Daring New Life…

No, I haven’t written a book. But one of my MOST favorite authors has. And it’s on a topic that I knew far too well: Fear. Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear And I’ve been reading the first chapter. I was able to digitally ownload it free because I subscribe to his UpWords newsletter. (You can subscribe to this newsletter here, or click to read Fear Not and Fearless ch. 1) Once again, in a

Facebook & Faithbooking

Two totally different things – neither have anything to do with each other – and if I wanted to be “poetic” I’d wait to post this tomorrow so I could continue with the “F” theme. But life being what it is, I am not gonna wait! FACEBOOK If you are not familiar with Facebook (except for the stories about people being in online social networking sites and getting taken advantage of), I would recommend checking