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Hello lovely readers! It is quite possible that you are receiving a similar blog update from | Debbie Taylor. There is a reason for that, so this post is meant to clear things up a bit.  Grab your coffee (or tea.  Or diet Coke.  Or water – whatever you prefer). I have been blogging at this site for a little while now.  Let me rephrase:  I have been haphazardly blogging at this site for

How My Bullet Journal Reduces Stress

Because I use a Happy Planner and am learning to incorporate my bullet journaling into it, I should call it something easy like “Happy Journal”, right?  One of my important integrations is a Gratitude List, so Happy Journal would fit!  I am finding it a bit of a challenge to get into a rhythm with all of it, but when I do stop and take a few minutes every morning and every evening to “check

Bullet Journaling in my MAMBI Happy Planner

Since using my MAMBI Happy Planner for the past year or so, I finally found my “groove” for recording notes and planning family schedules.  The MAMBI line includes a variety of extension packs including wedding, fitness, and home management planner pages.  I forgot to mention in my previous post that there are also inserts for photos, pocket folders and other dividers available as well – AND a variety of covers so you can stylize your planner even

How I Use My Bullet Journal for Lists

I will be honest – I like to research.  I like to put in search terms and Google things, see what I can find on Pinterest or Instagram – and see how other people do things.  There are numerous planning systems – which, as we all know – means that not EVERY system works for EVERY person.  So when you find the thing that works for you – it can be pretty exciting.  This post

Why a Bullet Journal

If you do a search on Pinterest or even Google for “Bullet Journal” you will discover a vast community of people who use a bullet-style format for planning and goal setting.  You will also find many different ways to use a Bullet Journal, and maybe some of them could work for you. While I have used a couple of different planner styles, I have discovered that my need for a Bullet Journal is very specific:

How I Bullet Journal {aka My Dot Grid Reference Book}

Like I said yesterday, I am using a dot grid notebook to get myself organized for Back to School.  Obviously, you could use a notebook of any kind, a composition book, or some app out there on your phone.  For me, this is something tangible that I can fit into my purse along with my phone!  It is my Dot Grid Reference Book for Mom!!! This is what the dot grid layout looks like leaveing