Hello and Welcome to my virtual home.  My name is Debbie.  I’m a wife and mother, daughter and sister, who wants to be like Jesus but I often have to fight myself to get there.  I’m really kind of a mess.  If you are a mess (or a Messie) like me, grab a cup of coffee or tea and sip along with me.

This blog is more about my personal journey.  While I am fully invested in my home and family, sometimes a girl needs her own space.  Like my closet where I create and write, this blog is where I will explore issues with my Weight and goals to become healthy, my passion for Journaling (be it bullet journaling, Bible journaling, or art journaling), and my personal walk with Jesus.  I do NOT have everything figured out, but I am a work in progress and want to share my successes and failures along the way.

I have a home & family blog over at Finding Grace and Glory, where I write more about motherhood, family life, Autism/ADHD, and my love for using essential oils.  Feel free to visit me there, too!


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