How to Fight Distractions

how to fight distractions

I love to start new projects, buy new journals and pens, find new recipes, make new friends. I love to try new foods, go to new places, and see new things. I love to start new Scripture reading plans, new Bible studies, and new Scripture writing notebooks. But in the daily doings of life, when I am all too easily distracted, I can lose my way if I don’t remember some important tips.

It is really in my “makeup” but if I don’t keep a handle on it, I can find myself discontented and frustrated. As I’ve grown into adulthood, I continue to struggle, but have learned some tricks to help me get back on track when I follow a rabbit trail…

 Remember the Spirit

One reason I get distracted is that I fall for the belief that “something better” is out there, and swallow it hook, line & sinker. I find a newer, better way to do something, only it requires effort and learning curve and I end up spinning in circles rather than actually following through. It is human nature to think that maybe what I have is not as good as what else might be out there. It’s probably the reason Eve listened to the serpent in the first place… I have to remember that my flesh wars with my Spirit and that I have to choose to die to my flesh. What good does it do to have 1,000 different purple pens if I don’t ever use them? And who needs 1,000 pens anyway – even if they are purple?

Remember I am Uniquely Created

No, this is not about my favorite lip gloss. It is about how I am built – my bents, my quirks, my personality, my nature. Watching a butterfly fly, it appears as though they just flit around on the breeze without much direction. They rarely fly a straight line, but they are intent on finding their next meal. Now, if you have seen a hummingbird fly, they appear to know right where they are going, zooming here and there, appearing as though they have a purpose and direction they intend to follow. See that comparison thing I did there? Well, that’s something I also struggle with. I don’t do a lot of things like a lot of other moms I know. I tend to be more like the butterfly with my home & family. But when I compare myself to a “hummingbird” who has everything lined up, organized to the hilt, on schedule, and on time – I feel like a complete and utter FAILURE. But I am not. I am just a butterfly. And when I remember that I don’t have to be like anybody else, I can relax and enjoy being who I am. (Would you all pray for me in this area? cuz it is probably where I struggle the most as a mom.)

Remember my WHY

It is so important for me to stay rooted in what is real and what is not, and in. My WHY is the same thing as my purpose for living. It is the WHY I am here. It is the WHY He created me. It is what God wants to and does reveal to me when I walk with Him – but I don’t remember it unless I stay faithful to walking with Him. When I remember how important it is to stay alongside Him – and not run off ahead or lag behind – I keep My WHY in focus and can accomplish so much more!

Remember my Primary Role

Y’all. I do not know how any mom does it, really. Sometimes I find this responsibility of motherhood to be choking and heavy (but again, that is usually due to the fact that I am trying to run ahead of what God has for me). When I think it is MY responsibility to “be Jesus” to my children, I take on the role of savior. When I remember that it is my primary role to lead my children into the direction of Jesus, I must choose to walk with Him – but it is their responsibility to follow. Only Jesus can save, redeem and restore my children to Him in their brokenness. I can live a life that shows them His redemption and restoration – but they also get to choose whether to follow that or go another way.

Remember my Redeemer

And this ties directly into my previous point. Frankly, when I am constantly focused on myself, or comparing myself to some “super mom” or “super Christian” – I lose steam and become inefficient and unsettled in life. It can be seen in my home, in my relationships, in my job, and in my own little corners of the world. When I remember my Redeemer, I remember how much I am loved, how much He longs to know me and how He already sees me in full bloom. When I remember my Redeemer, I remember my value and the distractions of life fade away into oblivion. This is KEY to remaining focused on the value of the life I have been given, and my decisions are based on that value, rather than by the illusion of some passing fancy (no matter how glittery or purple-y it might be).

It is not always easy to keep my eyes focused like I should.  Much like Peter, I am caught off guard by waves and wind.  But when I Remember to shift my attention from myself back to Him, He lifts me up and helps me find solid footing again.