Last Chance Today!

Today is your last chance to purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.  This deal goes away at MIDNIGHT tonight, Pumpkin!  If you have ANY desire to purchase it, whether through my links or another one of your favorite bloggers, I really hope you will.

I have unpacked quite a few of the e-books in the bundle and signed up for some of the *Sweet* bonuses over the weekend.  I got my *Molly Green membership* which always provides some great articles about DIY home stuff including recipes for natural living!  I am getting ready to order my f*ree lip balm kit from *Orglamix* and am shopping for my book from *Bookroo* (ACK!) My *Kiwi Crate membership* is something I am looking forward to for fun summer projects!!!

I have also been digging into the coloring books!  Oh my goodness!  I love the Garden Therapy coloring book and the Bible Verse Coloring Through the Year!  I have printed off several pages and the kids & I colored off and on over the weekend.  That has been fun.

I also got really excited as I went through the Adventures in Bible Journaling book.  First of all – bethany floyd, the author does a TREMENDOUS job of breaking things down and making it so much easier to wrap my head around!  Secondly –  she addresses some common fears that might keep Newbie Bible Journalers from really getting into their Bible.  (Spot on!) and I love the beautifully illustrated ebook with her simple instructions!  That has me thinking about some of my favorite Bible verses and how I want to signify them for my walk with Jesus.


Today, I will be looking into all the Recipes books included in the bundle.  I already found a couple of new recipes in the Delicious Dinners ebook. With summer approaching, I know I will want more Slow Cooker recipes, too – and I hope to teach my girls how to make some great bread from the Never Buy Bread Again ebook (already printed off a couple of recipes!)







Later his week, I hope to dig into the Intentional Living portion of the book bundle.  I have been seeing RAVE REVIEWS about A Peaceful Home by Crystal Brothers – and I Love My Home looks to be really good, too! :


If you want to purchase your bundle today, just click any of the graphics to get yours before they are gone!


In other news, I attended a Priscilla Shirer simulcast at my church on Saturday.  OH MY SOUL!  It was so wonderful.  I feel like she is the kind of woman who I could definitely sit and have coffee with and just enjoy every minute.  But she isn’t just fun to be around.  No.  This woman can rightly divide the Word of Truth y’all.  And my toes were smartin’ pretty good when I left.

My primary takeaway that still sticks with me is this message:

Chosen, Not Cheated!

I’m going to write a little bit more about that and what it means to me later this week.  In the workbook we were given for the simulcast, I also noticed that Lifeway / Living Proof Ministries is going to be in TOLEDO, OHIO in September.  MOTHER – I AM TALKING TO YOU – YOU SHOULD PLAN TO COME!  I have already decided I have to go – and have a couple of gals from church who are going to wrangle up some other gals from church to go.  And I think you should come, too, Mama, if you can spare the day!!!  =)

Now that it is May, the sun is up earlier and going down later – and my kids just DON’T want to even bother with school anymore.  Y’all – it is getting BAD at my house in the mornings!!!  UGH!  I think I am gonna have to look up some of those smoothie recipes in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle so breakfast can be faster and maybe it will put a pep in my kids’ steps in the morning – cuz we need it!

How do YOU manage that last month of school before summer?  Do you change things up or just tough it out through those few agonizing “Summer Fever” weeks?