Ultimate Bundle Sale Coming Soon!

I have blogged for several years and still like to share great deals when I find them. Ultimate Bundles offers several deals each year, but one of my favorite bundles is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

Every year, the UHB is packed full of resources including printable e-books, e-courses, printable forms, and more.  This year’s bundle is really exciting, but let me tell you first what the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is!

The geniuses at Ultimate Bundles create this valuable collection of resources for busy wives, moms, and women to encourage and support you in all the busy things you do! Whether you want encouragement and support for parenting or marriage, faith based products to grow your walk with Christ, financial advice and guides, products to help you live more intentionally, or guide you with planning meals or managing your home, THIS BUNDLE IS FOR YOU!

One of the new categories this year is the “Creativity” section which includes resources for Bible journaling and printable coloring books! (eek!)  And this year, the bundle includes over 400 recipes!

Why is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle such a great deal?  The original value of the entire bundle is almost $2,000.00 but that is NOT the price you will pay.  In fact, you will be able to purchase this bundle once it goes on sale live on Wednesday, 4/26 for 97% off!

97% off!

That is a good deal no matter how you look at it, right?  In addition, if your purchase your bundle during the Early Bird Special – you will get your e-books in your favorite e-reader format – FOR FREE!

As with every ultimate bundle, there are bonuses that sweeten the deal even more!  I have always found that the bonuses offered are equal to the cost of the bundle, and usually worth even more!

Now, let’s be real – this bundle will NOT clean your house for you, will NOT pay your bills for you, and will NOT turn you into June-Cleaver-Betty-Crocker-Martha-Stewart.  But I can tell you that every time I have purchased an ultimate bundle, I have found greater value in the products than the price I paid.

(P.S. – I can’t give you more specifics about the exact products or bonuses or even the price of the bundle until next Wednesday.  But if you don’t want to miss out on your chance to get your own bundle, CLICK HERE to enter your name & email address so you can be reminded and get all the details of the bundle for yourself!)

Next Wednesday, I will share the details of the bundle with you and you will be able to see all the products in this years Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for yourself.

You know, if you decide to purchase the bundle via one of my links, I will earn commission for referring you.  But I want you to know that this bundle has always been more valuable to me than the price – and I really believe it is a worthwhile investment! Don’t forget that if you purchase the bundle before Thursday, 4/27, 11:59 pm (EST), you will also get the free e-reader upgrade so you can take your ebooks with you wherever you go!