How My Bullet Journal Reduces Stress

Because I use a Happy Planner and am learning to incorporate my bullet journaling into it, I should call it something easy like “Happy Journal”, right?  One of my important integrations is a Gratitude List, so Happy Journal would fit!  I am finding it a bit of a challenge to get into a rhythm with all of it, but when I do stop and take a few minutes every morning and every evening to “check in” with myself and my planner, I am coming to realize how my bullet journal reduces stress for me!!!

Although I resisted starting a habit tracker, I have found it to be invaluable to getting my day started off on the right foot!  It is sort of an ongoing “To Do” list for me of things that I really should be doing every day, but often forget because I’m busy and tired and approaching age 50 at the speed of light!

But more than a simple to do list, it contains the items I consider to be valuable to creating and maintaining a life of purpose and intention, while staying focused on my 2 Words for 2017!

The thing I like most about using my bullet journal is that the habit tracker is flexible!  I can flex from month to month, adding or changing habit items.  I can keep track for one month or for more than one month of certain habits I want to add or remove from my life, and follow my progress accordingly.

The habit tracker has become a reference point in my day, and when I use it, my morning and evening routines flow so much more smoothly.  I am reminded (but not nagged) to do things that help keep not only me, but my family in a good rhythm – and that certainly reduces my stress levels.  I can quickly see what items need my immediate attention, what items may not actually be as important as I first imagined, and also determine what things I need to add to my habit items.

Using a Gratitude list within my Happy Journal is a big deal for me, too.  I can easily whisper a “Thank you, Lord” for something awesome that happens – but we all know that recording these moments are both good and healthy.  It adds that sense of intention and can be seen over and over again, brought to mind and memory, and serve as a good balance for perspective – especially when things get a little wonky in life.  I have listed “Gratitude” in my habit tracker so that I can be reminded to record these moments and to be thankful for what I have been given.

It would be easy enough to just keep a habit tracker and gratitude list in a separate journal, but my goal is to really integrate everything into one go-to place, and I am finding it easier to combine my Bullet Journal and Happy Planner – and that makes me a Happy Mama!

Do you use a habit tracker?  How about a gratitude list?  How has the practice of using either one or both helped you?