Super Glue Dilemma

So yeah.  last week, Curly broke her glasses.  This is the 4th pair broken in the exact same way in her number of pairs of glasses over the years.  She can’t see without them so not having them is really not an option.

Typically, I have been able to “modify” them until we can get them replaced via super glue.  Typically, the super glue is not a long-term fix but gets us through until the replacement pair arrives.  (I will say this – stores with warranties on their glasses are lifesavers to families like ours!)

Anyway, I grabbed the superglue and attempted to reconnect the glasses just to last for a few more days.  It didn’t work this time around.  I was bummed.  She had to resort to her old pair for a few days.

In the meantime, as I was cleaning up, my glasses were on the table.  Of course I had been in the middle of 2 other things when I was trying to repair the broken glasses.  And there were water drops all over the table.  So I proceeded to wipe everything up.

And then I put my glasses on.

And there it was.  A big swipe of dried super glue across my lens.  Not the whole lens, but the bifocal part.  You know, the part I need so I can read well, anything.  So there weren’t just water drops on the table.  I had somehow managed to either drop onto my lens or had some on my finger when I went to wipe off a water drop.

Dried. Super. Glue.

I thought maybe it was a weird scratch but the more I look at it, the more it appears to be a swipe of residue across the lens.  Rendering my glasses useless.

Mine are NOT under warranty, unfortunately.

So off to Google I went to see how to remove the glue.  My lenses are plastic – so while acetone is a possibility for some things, it is not recommended for my lenses.

The next option was sort of soaking paper towels with soapy dishwater and applying them (like a poultice) to the lenses, sitting under a bowl to keep the moisture in.  it is supposed to soften the glue and maybe I will be able to peel it off.  The chemical composition of super glue is supposed to respond to the detergents after a few hours and allow for this.

I just did my first check after about 3 hours – no luck.

So, I am leaving my glasses, with a soaked paper towel, sitting under a bowl while I go to work today.

Praying it works because I really can’t read without them…

Have you ever had a run-in with super glue like this???  Any suggestions???

P.S. – we were able to get Curly’s glasses to the eye center and they had replacement frames there.  It only took a couple of minutes for the doctor to pop the old lenses into new frames and we were off and running!  Thank God for warranties!!!