How I Use My Bullet Journal for Lists

I will be honest – I like to research.  I like to put in search terms and Google things, see what I can find on Pinterest or Instagram – and see how other people do things.  There are numerous planning systems – which, as we all know – means that not EVERY system works for EVERY person.  So when you find the thing that works for you – it can be pretty exciting.  This post will explain how I use my bullet journal for my lists by way of pictures.

I have written numerous posts on planning.  Numerous.  And it’s always been an exploration for me.  I won’t tell you how many binders of things I have in place – because I am always fine-tuning them and getting them into shape.  But for me, this Bullet Journal, is my 1st go to on a daily basis and it is giving me such peace of mind!

One of the primary components of a Bullet Journal is an Index.  And in the essential oil BUJO (bullet journal for short), I have an index with page numbers which will really come in handy when I need specific information about oils.  However, i decided to forego the index in my List BUJO because I used washi tape instead and I have my sections defined in this way.  This BUJO is less structured in that sense, but I like it this way.  In fact – I have a whole section that doesn’t even have a designated use yet, and I like that flexibility.

The whole idea is to create a system that will WORK. FOR. YOU.  It doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s or even anyone else’s.  The value is making it fit your need.

Maybe you want to catalog daily routines, moods & weather.  Maybe you need a detailed weekly schedule.  Maybe you want to document IEP information for one or more of your children.  Maybe you want to plan a garden.  Maybe you want to create bucket lists or record family memories in a unique way.  Maybe you want to track new habits – or habits you are trying to quit.  Maybe you want to make book lists and movie lists and restaurant lists.

The Bullet Journal is something that is contained and yet so very flexible, and of all the planning things I have used, I have found it to be most convenient.  Perfect size for my purse.  Easily changed to fit my needs.

When I discovered that I could track a Master To-Do List (essentially my “Brain Dump” section) in my BUJO, that’s when I really got excited.  I make lists and remake the same lists and it’s crazy.  In my BUJO, I can begin an ongoing list that is just all “TO DO” and when a task is completed cross it off.  When not completed, I can simply move the tasks to the next page.  It helps me track what I actually accomplish which is also a big benefit.


*I originally intended to post pictures of my BUJO layouts today, but due to some unforseen technical difficulties on my computer, I can’t get them uploaded to my post.  Argh! I am working on it and will get them posted ASAP.

I have some other thoughts that will be forthcoming while I work out the technicalities of posting pictures soon!