In the Word: Psalm 1

I have been continuing in my “Run to Him” Bible study – and it’s really been awesome.  I have enjoyed the variety of Psalms that this study walks through and the questions to answer and consider even familiar passages in a whole new way.

Can I just say again – that I am constantly moved by the Word on these pages of Scripture – that continue to speak the message of Redemption – over the span of millenia.  I get goosebumps when I think about how God’s message still screams from the pages of His book.

2015-04 Highlights

Anyway – one of my favorite Psalms was assigned – Psalm 1.  I LOVE Psalm 1.  I memorized it as a girl in elementary school.  A few years ago, I brushed up on my memorization of the passage and am reminded again of how good God is.

I’ve been seeing a lot of things on Facebook or Pinterest lately about the new Journal-style Bibles.  Have you seen them?  Where the passages are in a single column down the center of the page – or maybe even along the right side – and there is white space left for journaling, note taking, or even sketching.  Talk about making the Bible come to life!?! 

I’ve never been one to hesitate to mark and highlight passages of Scripture.  I know some people are offended by it.  But NOT me.  God knows I love color and after seeing a few examples on Facebook and Pinterest, I was REALLY inspired.  I am no artist – but when I read Psalm 1, I was immediately struck with the vision of a Tree planted by a river, with its roots sinking down into the water.  So I thought I would take a stab at Journaling/Sketching my impression.  Here it is:

Scripture Journaling - using colored pencils and a quick sketch

Scripture Journaling – using colored pencils and a quick sketch

I think I have found a whole new way to enjoy Scripture!

I am no artist, and I did it to enhance the Scripture I was reading.  Every time I turn to Psalm 1, the words “And he shall be like a tree, firmly planted…” and my mind turns to the words that outline success in God’s eyes.  Frankly, I didn’t know I had it in me since I don’t consider myself to be any kind of sketch artist – but I am finding new ways to enjoy Scripture.

Have you ever considered adding art to your Bible study?  If you don’t think you can draw, do you find yourself becoming inspired by the addition of highlighting or color?  Share your thoughts or even your own experiences with Scripture journaling in the comments!  I’d love to hear or see what you have experienced in your own Bible study!