It’s a New Day! In the Word Series

In the Word  debbiejtaylor.comWhile I was on {yet another} blogging hiatus, I found myself struggling with many different things.  As much as I love the Word of God and spending time In the Word of God, I realized how little I incorporate it into our lives.  (That makes me sick to my stomach, by the way.)  I don’t want to preach to my family about anything.  Because my weaknesses & sins preach much louder than my words.  But oh how I long to live & breathe the Word of God.  And yet, my selfish desires have such a strong hold on me that I am constantly waging war in places I didn’t use to struggle.

I think because I have kids now I feel like I’m under the microscope.  “You’re the only Jesus your children might see.”  As if THAT isn’t any pressure…  There are so many voices telling me to “do better”, “try harder” and “you can never do enough.”  It’s exhausting.

But, gradually, the Lord reminded me that getting into His Word every day is more than enough for me.  For my relationship with Him, and my relationship with everybody else.  And when I fail to commit myself to reading His Word, I forget about His Grace and Mercy and Love, and live with a long list of shoulds and woulds.

So I had to come to the realization that while my heart longs to be in the Word of God, I was not following through and digging into the Word like I need to every day.  For someone who has read through the entire Bible more than once, who grew up memorizing Scriptures and reciting them on request, who was given Christian character awards and Awana Girl of the Year awards – that was hard for me to admit.

and there it is.  Pride.

My pride has driven so much of my adulthood, and my parenting, that motherhood has become this huge stone weight on my soul.  I won’t say how recently, but I may have been overheard saying things like “I can’t do this anymore” or “I have to leave because I can’t be a mom.”

by the grace of God, rather than zapping me with a lightning bolt, He woo’d me.  He is wooing me back to Him through His Word and his personal messages to my heart.

While I could tell you that I am committed to spending an hour in the Word of God every day – frankly, that would be a lie.  After all, laundry needs washed badly (still dealing with some kind of gastroenteritis thing here), wood floors need cleaned of salty snow-crust, dishes need put away, meals need made, homework needs corrected, kids need loved on, Roy needs my attention – and oh the mountains of paperwork that need to be filed (or burned).

So instead, what I can tell you is that I am playing Scripture-based lyrics and songs that sing God’s Word while I do these other things.  I can tell you that I read a verse – even just one – because in order to Renew My Mind, I have to soak up His Word throughout the day.

And that’s what this boils down to.  Renewing my mind.  Cuz the lies of the vile enemy of my soul resonate so loudly sometimes.  and the Word of God is my only offensive weapon to send Him away.

I have no specific Bible Study chosen as I write this, but I have a selection to pick from and I begin today, as this is being posted.

Would you care to join me?  We don’t have to do the same study, but if you are participating in any Bible study – individually or in a group – and want to share your thoughts on whatever you are studying, why don’t we commit to coming here on Mondays and sharing what God is doing in our lives together?

It’s not mandatory.  And maybe nobody even reads this (except my lovely mother) but I want to put this out there for a little bit of accountability, without requiring anybody to buy a certain book or follow a specific study.  We can just agree to meet here next Monday and share what we are learning through God’s Word.

It’s a New Day!  Let’s get started!!!