It Ain’t Easy Doing Right

The thing about Christian Living is that it ain’t easy.  It ain’t easy to go against our flesh when the better choice is love.  It ain’t easy to go against our feelings when the better choice is grace.  And it certainly ain’t easy when you feel like you’re all alone and the only one who cares about doing right.

Anybody feel me here?

That’s why when I saw the new Ultimate Bundle, I knew I would share it here.  I know Christmas is coming and maybe (like me) you have expenses like a busted out rear car window, or fees for a traveling volleyball team for your kids, or house insurance coming due.  I have invested in a couple of the Ultimate Bundles for myself and have felt like I invested in myself and my family.  I have yet to work through ALL the materials, but I have found some encouragement for health and homemaking.

This bundle contains incredible resources for Business & Personal Finance, Christian Classics Series, Christian Living, Devotional Life, and even resources For Kids!  The author list blew me away when I saw it (Seriously!  Calvin. Tozer.  Moody. Mueller. Spurgeon.  And that’s just in the Classics section!!!)

If I could encourage you to buy ANY bundle ever, it would absolutely be THIS one!

The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle!

The ebook selection is phenomenal, and you can choose either PDF format for printing ($34.95) or in eReader format for your Nook or Kindle ($39.95).  You can see the categories and individual book selections by clicking here.  (Seriously – just go check it out.  In many cases, just 2 of these books would cost you $40, so go see what you can get at this steal of a price!)

Sometimes, we need a little bit of encouragement.  Sometimes, we need to read about someone else’s experience to grab hold onto hope!  This bundle is sure to offer hope – from author after author!  Go check it out!

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