Oh those Minions!

My family & I just watched the movie Despicable Me for the first time over this weekend. OH. THOSE. MINIONS! We actually watched the movie twice and Little Man was as entranced by the minions as the rest of us.  They were humorous and Little Man sat for the whole time the movie was on!!!

What are the minions exactly? Does anybody know?

Little Man called them “Beedos” – at the beginning of the movie the little minions were talking and made this sound – and it stuck and that is how Little Man has referred to them ever since!

A few weeks ago, we all went and watched Monsters University – we had already seen Monsters, Inc., but hadn’t watched Despicable Me yet. Now I’m dying to take my kids to see Despicable Me 2.

Despicable Me – for those of you like us who missed out on it the first time around – is really sweet, heartwarming and totally family friendly! We loved Gru’s transformation from villain to hero and the overall message of love and family.  It is one which we will invest in by purchasing a DVD and one I won’t mind my kids watching again and again!

Have any of you seen DM2? What did you think? Did you like it the same, better, or not as much as the original? I’d love to hear from you before I actually take the kids to see it!

On a sidenote: we really enjoyed Monsters University, too. It was a fun flashback to when Sully & Mike met at university and was a good family movie to watch together!