Change is Good

I am NOT always happy when Change comes rolling around. I like to MAKE plans and KEEP plans… But one thing I’ve learned this past year – in a new way – is that CHANGE IS GOOD. We’ve had a LOT of changes to deal with – and we did not always respond well, but as the year wore on, the changes that came were viewed differently.

There’s something about putting your trust in a Sovereign God, isn’t there? It’s not that I never question circumstances or events. No – I’m one of the first ones in line going –

Um, Hey God? What Gives?

But my tone has changed over this past year. I still ask “What Gives?” but in a less demanding way. That’s a hard lesson to learn, let me tell you.

I like knowing “WHY?”.

And even with a Sovereign God, we don’t always GET the answer to the “why?” question. But knowing He is THERE makes a whole world of difference than shouting out a “Hey God – What’s going on?” and getting crickets in response…

While I do hope for easier times in 2012 – and I DO hope for that for my family – I know that the change God has wrought in me in 2011 is helping me trust Him more.

And that change is VERY good!