When It Gets Tough

You would think – with all these major natural disasters, downward economic spirals across the globe, growing troubles in the Mideast – that people would get a clue… While I don’t believe anyone who predicts a specific date & time for Christ’s return, all of these events (in general) have been predicted and recorded in God’s Word.

Nobody wants to believe IN God. Some folks want to believe He exists – in some existential sort of way. Far off – distant – removed from humanity. Some folks want to believe that He only exists to throw disapproving glares and even lightning bolts at those of us who stray a centimeter off course. Some people believe He exists like some kind of Grandpa-gonna-let-you-do-anything-and-wink-as-ya-do-it kind of way.


Our minds scream for meaning and purpose in the midst of devastation. Our souls seek personal and global purpose – for something MORE than we can see and hope for and believe in. We were BUILT to be this way.

We were designed to feel something missing within ourselves. The purpose: in order to seek for God, the Giver of Life and Meaning and Purpose. We were created with a hole that only GOD can fit. We attempt to find other means of satisfaction, purpose, fulfillment… We seek fame, fortune, food, sex, relationships, money, jobs, status, and everything else you can think of in order to fill this empty space – but there is only ONE who can fill every empty spot

When we seek other things and other people to fill our emptiness, we will be left emptier still. When we seek God – focus on Him, give our all to Him, walk with Him and believe He is the ONLY source of life and breath and good things in this world of turmoil – not only will we be filled, but He has promised to give us all good things. To be with us in the storm. To guide us through the darkness. To lift us up when we fall. To hold our hearts together when they threaten to break. To rebuild and restore those things which have been torn down and died.

Only God can do that. Only the One who knew you before you were born. Who knew what you thought about yesterday, and even what you will say tomorrow. He is the ONLY one we can rely on, depend on, trust in, and believe in during these dark, unstable, difficult times.

When things get tough – as they are for everyone these dadys – whether it’s a toothache that keeps you awake for hours in the night, bills that you can’t find enough money to pay for, kids who are sick, marriages that are weakening, jobs that are ending, families that are breaking – where do you turn? Where do you go when it gets tough?

We are not alone. And He doesn’t expect us to carry any of our burdens or figure out our problems. That’s what He is there for!

Romans 8:31 – If God be for us, then who can be against us?

Let’s memorize this verse together this week (along with the other women At the Well!)