Growing Times Three

Today Little Man is Two Months Old. TWO MONTHS OLD already!

I sighed as I typed that. It’s hard to believe he was born 2 months ago already. But I do think that is – at least in part – due to the fact that the first four weeks of baby-life is SUCH. A. BLUR! Lots of feeding, changing diapers, trying to sleep, trying to learn a new baby and adjust to schedules and everything else. The second month is spent getting to know this new little person, since the personality becomes more evident – and if we are so blessed, we moms get to adjust to our somewhat-rational mindset. (As rational as any mom can be I suppose. lol!)

Little Man has really caught on with the breastfeeding after so many weeks of pumping and trying to supplement with breastmilk, and finally the formula. This is the second baby I’ve used Gerber’s Good Start formula with and I’m PLEASED AS PUNCH! Both Georgie and Little Man were very sensitive to formula and couldn’t keep it down. Until I tried Good Start. Hallelujah! (I am in NO WAY affiliated with Nestle, Gerber, or Good Start formula – I’m just a devoted fan and needed to brag a little!) Little Man at his last weigh-in measured at 12 lbs 4.2 oz! He gained 13 ounces in 9 days time, and I’m only supplementing with 6-8 oz of formula every day. I’m SO THANKFUL for that.

And we’ve graduated to size 2 diapers. That’s major! Those are the kinds of steps that I notice along the way – and I’ve already got a little plastic bag of clothes he’s outgrowing.

He is cooing, smiling, and talking more. Oh sure he talks! He follows us with his eyes as we walk around the room, kicking his feet and swinging his arms around. Sometimes he just lays peacefully taking in his surroundings. And when he sleeps, he looks like an angel. Really! He’s putting his fists to his mouth when he is hungry and seems to want to suck his thumb. He also seems to reach his hands out with intention, although I may be giving him too much credit for that. haha He is losing some hair, although his eyebrows are still red, so I’m expecting auburn or reddish-brown hair to return. He is a very handsome fella and so loved by every one of us.

I’m also so very aware of how precious it is to hold my son at this stage in his life. Considering what I know I missed with Mikhael – and it’s still an odd feeling to be quite honest – holding Little Man is really precious to me. I often think – without any regret – of what it would have been like to hold Mikhael and thank God every day that he blessed me with a son now. Little Man is not a replacement in any way – but I feel like something has settled deep within since Little Man was born and I’m grateful and know that God has once again brought healing to my heart and life in His way. Considering we were so surprised to find ourselves pregnant last year, I feel like L. M. was a personal something from the Lord just for me. (In bigger terms, I know that God has a destiny all prepared for L.M. way outside of me, but there is a piece of this that belongs solely to me.)

I’m also thankful that I do not have to return to work. I had to with both girls, and especially with Georgie, it affected my bond with them. I do feel faint brushes of postpartum depression come against my soul, but so far God has intervened and things have been much more settled, much more peaceful this time. Little Man is a very easy-going baby and I know that’s a big factor here, too. He is very attached to me and I feel very attached to him.

So thankful. So blessed. And although it feels like Little Man is Growing Too Fast, I am enjoying the journey and thank God for him.