One Day at a Time…

Adjusting to a whole new person at home is definitely a process!

We have two girls who are early birds. Every so often, Curly drags her feet getting out of bed, but for the most part – both girls are early morning risers.

So, of course, Little Man is a night owl.


I’m running on fumes these days. Even when I tried to sleep today, I couldn’t – after getting about 4 hours of sleep for each of the past 3 nights. I have taken a few naps – but today is the very first day I have felt that “zombie” feeling that I remember all too well from our previous arrivals.

I’m not complaining – just giving you an update. He is growing and doing well – and I do think we are getting into a daily routine – but working to adjust to a better day and night routine is going to take some time.

And I’m tired. My creative juices are a tad on the dry side – but I’m not too anxious about that. Just trying to deal with it all. Roy has been a HUGE help – has gotten the girls out of the house – has taken over so I could get a shower – all the good stuff! But Mama is Little Man’s only food source, so the night time routine is all about him and me working things out together…

His sisters are all over him – and he already makes noises at them! He follows his daddy’s voice around the room – but he is all about his Mama. And I’m just fine with that!