Oh What a Week! (CGC!)

Oh has it been a week. We’ve gotten significant amounts of snow – enough to delay 1 day of school – but enough to keep us from just getting out and going anywhere. It’s very pretty – but VERY cold. Hot Tea or Coffee is JUST right!!! Feel free to help yourself!!!

{Hello Company Girls!}

Honestly – I’ve had some good moments this week – but we are dealing with some serious stress – that is really coming from external sources – and it’s difficult. I’m entrenched in my 3rd trimester – emotional and hungry – and it’s wearing on me. I’m trying to NOT let it wear on me – and have found that my praise & worship songs really do provide so much comfort and peace – especially when I can put my earplugs in and totally zone out…

Wanting to avoid a lot of extra drama – but feeling like we’re constantly being drawn into the middle of some ridiculous drama – it’s exhausting. Do you know what I mean? Ever have those situations where you continue to work to remove yourself from the things that hold you back and weigh you down, and you just keep getting thrown under the bus and drawn back into it? How do you respond?

I’ll admit how I respond. I get mad. I get spitting mad. And I have to vent. Like a volcano. Mostly it’s just steam – but occasionally, there’s a seismic eruption and I stomp and slam and say a LOT of things I don’t mean, but say out loud nonetheless. And then I get quiet. I’d like to just go DIRECTLY to the quiet, but that’s something God is working out in me still… And I remember that PEOPLE are not the enemy here. Oh – they can be used to administer grief and disseminate chaos – but they are not the source. And when I remember the SOURCE for chaos, I remember the Author of Peace – and then everything falls into place.

Life is NOT fair. That’s a fact. But God is my God and that outweighs just about everything else… And when I fall into Him and let Him fight my battles for me – I can trust Him to give me words to speak and wisdom and discernment to face whatever situation comes!

* * * * *

Georgie has a pretty bad case of eczema. Yuk. In fact, she has a huge patch on her scrawny little elbow that got infected because she scratched too much and won’t leave it alone. We got some heavy duty cream for all over, an ointment for trouble spots, and an antibiotic cream for her elbow patch… The cream is making an improvement – although it’s slow going. Poor little thing. One of the things that is known to trigger eczema: Peanut Butter. Now this is Georgie’s FAVORITE thing to eat, so we’ve been avoiding it for several days… She hasn’t pushed or asked for it, so for now things are okay…

In other news – we get to see some relatives this weekend that we only get to see once a year. I’m VERY excited about it! We always have a great time sitting around – talking – catching up – letting our kids play – and spending time with FAMILY… I’m looking forward to it!

I’ve spent some time this week working on my Small Things and am actually really proud of myself for sticking to it this week. I didn’t get every assignment completed on the assigned day, but I still worked through them and it FEELS good. I liked Rachel Anne’s Cotton Swab post. I got some gunk cleaned out around my toilet and sink base (gross – I know!) and it looks much better. I also got some disinfecting done this week – having some asthma and upper respiratory things going on – it IS winter, after all – and that felt like a MAJOR accomplishment. Whew!

And I had to share this link to Mountain Rose Herb’s Craft Your Own Lip Balm post. This is SO awesome. We all have terribly chapped lips and I have many ingredients for the recipes – so it’s something I want to try. I figure I have to at least try the Peppermint Cocoa lip balm – that’s right up my alley! I really have to get the containers for it and then keep it handy for my family during the dry winter months! Sounds easy enough!

Hope you all had a great week and a lovely weekend!