Life is just a Chair of Bowlies…

It’s been a busy time lately! I didn’t think I was “doing” that much, but it seems like the days are flying by and I’m staying busy! Between school events, church, Bible study, and family stuff – I don’t ever run out of anything to do.

Can you relate?

Roy & I got a good start on Christmas shopping this weekend. The girls visited “Santa”, after spending a couple hours at Chuck E. Cheese (we couldn’t pass it up since we found a good coupon!). We had the chance to ask the girls what they wanted for Christmas. So yesterday we stopped at a couple of stores and picked up some things we KNEW they want – after we took advantage of the Starbucks Buy 1 Holiday beverage, Get 1 Free deal. (I can’t even tell you how long it has been since Roy & I got to visit a coffee shop *alone* so it was a BIG DEAL to me!!!)

Curly had NO PROBLEM rattling off her list of wants for Christmas.

Georgie on the other hand asked for a total of two things: A Kitty Cat (a pink one) and a Husband… Yes, she’s 3 and she wants a husband. I figure that just means she sees how Roy has been with me, and that’s why she wants a husband.

Until this morning when Roy & I were kissing before he left for work. She walked by us casually and uttered, “Gross!” Roy told her that she would probably have to kiss her husband if she got married, so she has now rescinded her request for a husband…

We had the opportunity to attend a Praise & Worship Service at Berean last night. We were on our way – and it was VERY dark despite a full moon – and a deer hit us. We did NOT hit the deer – it ran into the front passenger tire area and kinda smacked into my door. Curly responded with “awwww, poor little fella” and Georgie responded with “That. Was. Awesome.” Now Georgie is our animal lover so we were shocked to hear her say that… We never saw the deer but it doesn’t appear there is any damage to the van, either.

That got us rattled, but the worship service was AWESOME! (Way more awesome than the deer!) The worship pastor has SUCH a heart for God and when he leads worship it is so evident in his countenance how much he loves to sing praise to the Lord. The girls, on the other hand, sang a couple of phrases and then resorted to rolling around on the floor. And it wasn’t because they were “moved by the Spirit”, either. So we made an early exit, but I was really blessed by the time that we were there.

My Beth Moore Breaking Free Bible Study is coming to a close next week! I can’t believe it. It has been really good – VERY deep – and profoundly moving. Every piece of homework was powerful. I recently read a criticism of Beth Moore – which, after having gone through this Bible Study I wholeheartedly DISAGREE with. Someone was complaining that she “spoonfeeds” women the Word of God – and while she offers a listening guide and answers to questions via video, that is only a teaser to the meat of the study which requires daily work and personal investigation of God’s Word. I can also say that she tailors her studies TO women, and although she acknowledges that men may in fact participate in her study, God has given her a passion for women’s spiritual growth and she does it well… I appreciate videos and Q&A guides during study – in preparation for deeper personal time in the Word. As part of a small group, it was evident how God revealed different (and applicable, of course) things to each of the participants as we did the work. It was really awesome to see and hear God moving throughout this study.

I’ll be making my yummy Holiday Cranberry Spread for my-side-of-the-family get together this weekend. You can find the recipe HERE. The ingredient list sounds odd – and I was shocked the first time I tasted it because it is simply SCRUMPTIOUS!