Did You Notice?

Did you see it yet? When you read further down, maybe it’ll catch your eye!

I have a NEW button for my blog. Yep, Heather at CSAHM.com made it for me. I think it’s CUTE. I’m not biased, you know… Feel free to copy and add it to your blog if you’d like… Woohoo

Oh – and she’s working on my new Queen Size Mommy page, too! So if you’re wanting to follow my journey through food addiction – as well as the Summer 15 Challenge – it will soon have a page (and button) all of its own! FUN STUFF!

Okay – maybe it isn’t as exciting for YOU as it is for ME, but I like it.

Roy took the day off today.

He didn’t tell me until last night.

I’ve been stressing all week about the paper for my Healthy S*xuality class. I’m writing about Marriage and S*x Addiction. (Yes, I know – the whole little asterik thing is annoying – but robots and spiders like to search for certain terms on the web and then my blog is hit with tons of spam – trying to reduce…) Curly wouldn’t take a nap yesterday (she IS almost 5), and I can’t concentrate on it when either is awake. So, I was stressing about it and worried I’d have to spend all day Saturday working on it. He has a doctor’s appointment, so he may have planned to be home early anyway – but he took the day off so I could write my paper.

The weird thing about this paper is I know I can write it – and well – but I HATE doing a halfway job when I write. I can settle for a C on a test because I didn’t have time to study as much as I wanted, but when I write, I want it to flow and move (the way it usually does when I write). When I’m stressing about a paper because it has to be written a certain way or about a certain topic, I pressure myself to EXCEL at writing because anything less is just not acceptable.

OH, and Sarah Mae’s blog has been stirring up some interesting conversations at her blog, Like A Warm Cup of Coffee. As she worked to launch Raising Homemakers, she’s been writing more about raising her own daughters to be homemakers. And it has stirred up some interesting comments and even other blog posts by people – Christians or not – who think that Scripture is an archaic, out of touch, patriarchal-so-God-hates-women, no-perfect-examples-in-the-Bible kind of thing. (I’M PARAPHRASING HERE FOR THE PURPOSE OF KEEPING IT SIMPLE.) It’s a Counter Cultural Revolution of a GOOD kind…

Can I tell you that I’ve discovered that my dream of being a wife & mom – can go perfectly well, hand-in-hand with my dream to WRITE? So I haven’t mastered the GRACIOUS part of being a wife & mom yet – I’m a work in progress… But for some reason the idea of being a Traditional Homemaker makes people run wild with the rabid ideas that it means I’m throwing away my intellect and potential – when instead, God can use my intellect and potential to HELP raise my daughters in a more fulfilling way. Cuz I’ve got some smart-as-a-whip kind of girls, and I need all my wits to help guide them through this really scary world. Honestly – I don’t want to be distracted by a job that exhausts me day after day so I can’t notice the little weeds that are settling into the soil of their hearts. I don’t want to miss the teachable moments – and we’ve had PLENTY – and I appreciate the fact that God blessed me with wit & wisdom because now I can use it to really invest in two girls who are going to grow up and be…

Well, whatever GOD wants them to be.

I’m NOT knocking anyone who works. I was a working mom for the first 18 months of Georgie’s life – and while I loved being applauded for my work and contribution and being paid for it – I am growing more contented in my role as a woman, and a wife & mom, and glad I can take he time to read books and make crafts with my girls – and even take naps with them – or go to the park – and I’m not so worn out from racing here and there trying to prove to everyone else how smart I am or establishing my “worth” according to their standards…

Anyway – I need to get to my paper now. After I have a cup of coffee, of course.