Polished Cornerstones – Project Ruth

I decided, after looking through the Polished Cornerstones – Projects for Daughters on the Path to Womanhood from Doorposts, to start simply with my girls. Georgie will be 3 in just a few weeks, and Curly will be 5 a few weeks later.

I am brushing up on A Godly Woman, and specifically focusing on Ruth. Monday I read them the story of Ruth from their Little Girls’ Bible and we talked about how Ruth was loyal. We will also be talking about how Ruth was a friend, how she was kind, and how she trusted God.

Ruth is Curly’s middle name, because it is her Mamaw’s middle name – so she is interested in a woman named Ruth…

And then we’ll talk about how God is loyal, how God is our friend, and how God is kind to us. And why HE can be trusted above all others.

We are touching on Friendship today, and we will be making a Friendship wreath. Although its just my 2 girls, I certainly want to instill a sense of friendship between them, so we’ll be tracing their hands and using the cut outs to build a friendship wreath.

We’ve had pictures to color, and will talk about Ruth’s character at the end of our two weeks and how she displayed a desire to love and please God, and then how she was blessed because of it.

I decided that we will break things down – in general – over a two week period, so we can really touch on the character trait in a more meaningful and reinforcing way. Some may extend out, depending on the kinds of projects and things I can find online or at the library to help reinforce the ideas we’re learning about.

And the COOL PART IS that Raising Homemakers is sponsoring a LinkUp each week with other parents who are going through the Polished Cornerstones book, too! I’m excited about seeing the other ideas and subjects that are being taught and what everyone is learning!