Summing it all up

I can’t believe Friday is here. Really! I woke up thinking it was Thursday, but then I remembered that it was Friday and got my focus!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend several hours with a dear, sweet, godly woman who is quickly becoming a soul sister. She is a sassy Southern belle who loves Jesus! We spent FOUR HOURS together (it was only supposed to be about two) and it was awesome. She asks the best questions and would make a TERRIFIC investigative journalist. =)

So, I had to apologize both to my mother in law and Roy about being SO LATE from meeting with her. Ack! I’ll tell you what – when you’re in sweet fellowship, time has no meaning, and that would have been fine if I’d estimated the amount of time closer to what actually happened… lol

We talked about marriage and motherhood – she has 2 adult daughters – and the struggles we’ve had as women. She taught the class at church through the book, Lies Women Believe, and her personal testimonies really impacted me positively. And God has given us a chance to get to know each other better, and I’m really thankful to have a godly friend who cares about the burdens on my heart and who shines Jesus out of her life!

I’ve done okay so far this week with the Summer 15 Challenge. Tuesday I was very conscious about what I was eating – but it wasn’t about the food, because I had done a lesson at The Lord’s Table, and it really stuck with me. Wednesday – on the other hand – I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I hadn’t feasted on The Word like I should have, and it showed!

The lessons through Setting Captives Free – The Lord’s Table are very thoughtful and intent on changing thoughts and habits, more than foods consumed or the calories they contain! It’s not a weight loss program as so many are – but rather a study of what God says about food and eating, and how to align our thoughts with His.

My biggest goals right now – until I know what is going to happen with my ankle at physical therapy – are to journal what I eat and drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. I want to journal my eating simply for my own record – and note the kind of day I’m having and see how my eating goes hand in hand with the emotions and events of the day. That’s an important part of this journey – because as I’m learning, feasting on the Word is more important than the food I fuel my body with…

Maybe that sounds simple but addiction is a false idol, and whether I’m worshiping a golden calf or the Golden Arches, when I’m not worshiping the Lord in every thing I do, it affects my life in every way.

My counseling classes are really good. I have to say that I’m learning so much from all the counseling courses offered in my degree program – but if you are ever inclined to do your own personal study – I highly recommend Light University, which offers the same courses through certificate programs! The Extraordinary Woman course has been my favorite, but the Marriage Works course has been really good, too.

And if you are a reader – I HIGHLY recommend the book, Why You Do the Things You Do: The Secrets to Healthy Relationships, by Drs Tim Clinton & Gary Sibcy. POWERFUL stuff. Whether you use my affiliate link here, or find this book somewhere else, it is a GREAT book for anyone to read. It touches on the development of relationship styles from infancy through adulthood, and how the way we relate to others – based on how we view ourselves and others – builds healthy (or unhealthy) relationships. And it offers suggestions and ideas for how to CHANGE the way you relate to others, when you have learned unhealthy atttiudes and practiced unhealthy behaviors, and how GOD can help you make those changes!

Well, the princesses are getting up so it’s time for The Queen Mommy to get bizz-ay! Have a beautiful weekend!