I’m Late, but Jumping In with Both Feet, so to speak

So despite circumstances this week (read tomorrow’s post) – I really feel I need to jump into a new challenge with Courtney, from Women Living Well.

If you don’t know Courtney, you should take some time to get to know her. Courtney has been on the Rachael Ray show (seriously!) and shares a really counter-cultural life of living for her Lord – and her husband. If you are like me, you will probably be intrigued, impressed, challenged, motivated, fearful and much more. She is a mysterious woman – although she is pretty forthright and honest. Her mystery is in her mission…

Courtney just posted the COMPLETING HIM CHALLENGE this week, and although the post was supposed to go up June 7th, I didn’t even see it until today, so I’m jumping in now… =)

I’m nervous – but also know God has really been pressing on me to do more in – and about – my marriage. I DO want to become the woman and wife my husband needs (More posts on that to come – really!) And this challenge will motivate me and keep me accountable. If you want to join in (even if you don’t blog) hop on over to THIS POST and watch the video to find out how to participate…

Our First Date

Our First Date

So, every Monday, I’ll be participating. Hope you join in!